Schema App is 20x Faster at Implementing Structured Data

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“We wanted to be on the cutting edge.”

Kyle Konet
Inbound Marketing Director

The Schema App Challenge

The free structured data tools were really limited in scope and did not keep them abreast of Google algorithm changes. Before Schema App, they were working “one page at a time” and “it was taking forever to do the markup”. As they looked to build out more and more pages it was a real challenge to grow as an organization.

The Schema App Impact

Two words – “Time Savings”. 

As a Marketing Director, time savings for Kyle is huge. Not only can they redirect their attention to higher value activities but they are able to”get results that much sooner for their clients”. The Schema App Highlighter allows them to scale and grow efficiently. Compared to manual markup, Schema App is 20x faster!

Schema App is “all-encompassing”

Engagement with Schema App allows them to:

  • Mark up pages quickly
  • Keep current as Google changes their algorithms
  • Utilize implementation support which makes it quicker and easier for the entire team. 

Straight from our Customer

Schema App is at the forefront of schema markup strategy and implementation, providing enterprise solutions to some of the top clients across the world. To learn more about our structured data solutions and how we can help you reach your online business goals, contact our expert team. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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