Create connected structured
data without IT resources

Stop copying and pasting JSON-LD! The Schema App Editor generates JSON-LD and automatically deploys it to your website….on any CMS.

Centrally manage your schema markup with our expert tool.

The Schema App Editor allows you to mark up web pages one by one, at your own pace, without writing any code.

Whether you’re creating structured data with only required and recommended properties, or are using more of the vocabulary, the Schema App Editor has you covered!

Everything you need in one expert tool.

Schema App Editor

An expert tool for connected structured data

  • Enter your webpage content following our guided tour
  • Use the entire vocabulary + extensions (incl. pending)
  • Error notification to guide content evolution throughout the process
  • Set up integration once for continuous deployment
  • Schema App generates JSON-LD and deploys it when you save
  • Validate with the Rich Results Testing Tool with a click
  • Detailed how-to knowledge base and comprehensive videos
  • Email support from Schema App’s expert team

Need something that scales? Check out the Schema App Highlighter!


What’s stopping you from unleashing the power of structured data?

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