Schema App Integrations

Connect Schema App with Your Website to Deploy Schema Markup with Agility and Scale

A Schema Markup Solution that Integrates with All Websites

Simply set up the integration with our Schema App Platform with your website once and your SEO team can deploy or update Schema Markup in the form of JSON-LD on any page or page groups within minutes using the Schema App Editor and Highlighter, without any dependency on your IT team.

Schema App integrations

How We Integrate With Your Website

Every website is built differently. However, the Schema App Platform can connect with any website through one of our custom CMS integrations, JavaScript embedded via a tag manager or directly onto the page.

CMS Specific Integrations

Deploy your Schema Markup created in our Highlighter or Editor tool to your website directly using our custom CMS integrations. 

JavaScript via Tag Managers

Deploy your Schema Markup created in the Schema App Highlighter and Editor tool to your site using a JavaScript code embedded through a tag manager. 

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe DTM
  • Adobe Launch
  • Tealium
  • Ensighten Manager

JavaScript Directly on Page

Use JavaScript to integrate with the Schema App Platform on any CMS or website.

Simply add the code directly on any page to deploy the markup your team created on the Schema App Editor and/or Highlighter tool. 

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