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Schema Markup & Knowledge Graph Solution for Enterprises

Rely on Schema App’s team of experts & semantic technologies to accelerate your Schema Markup strategy, develop your knowledge graph and drive search performance.

Get a scalable end-to-end Schema Markup Solution that helps you develop a knowledge graph, stand out in search, and drive organic traffic

Our end-to-end Schema Markup Solution includes:

Access to Schema App Platform

  • Schema App Highlighter to create and deploy Schema Markup templates and link entities at scale across thousands of similar templated pages (i.e. blog, location pages, physician pages, etc.)
  • Schema App Editor to author and deploy semantic Schema Markup on unique web pages
  • Schema App Analyzer to monitor the health of your Schema Markup and identify new Schema Markup opportunities
  • Schema Performance Analytics to measure and analyze your Schema Markup performance

High Touch Support Services

  • Assigned Customer Success Manager to support with strategy, entity linking, troubleshooting, competitive analysis and reporting for a minimum of 1 hour per month
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of your Schema Markup and provide a monthly report summarizing issues and outcomes
  • Quarterly Business Reporting to review your Schema Markup performance and knowledge graph to identify opportunities for improvement
  • One-time Strategy and Setup to create your Schema Markup strategy, set up your pages or templates in the Highlighter, and author your markup on the Editor

Ready to leverage Schema Markup to develop your knowledge graph and prepare for AI?

Additional Services

Schema App Additional Services – Additional High touch support

Additional High Touch Support Hours

Depending on your organization’s needs and scope of work, our High Touch Support hours can scale accordingly.

Schema App Additional Services – Single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on integration with Schema App platform.

Why our customers love us

Lindsay Malzone Headshot

“Working with the Schema App team has totally changed the game for us in terms of SEO. Trying to handle schema markup on our own was complex and always seemed to need updating. But with Schema App’s support, we’ve managed to make our websites stand out in search results.”

Lindsay Malzone
Director of SEO

David Goodman from CAPREIT

“For me, it’s about how this technology can help us to achieve an end result. And Schema App is a valued partner that helped us understand the potential of Schema Markup. The platform also provided us with the ability to report on it, understand it and continuously improve it.”

David Goodman
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Rachael Jones - Sharp HealthCare

“Schema App always goes the extra mile to be solution-oriented, which is helpful. Our Customer Success Manager always stays ahead and pays attention to the details. I’ve learned so much from them. Schema App is really a great partner through it all, and not just here to fulfill a task.”

Rachael Jones
Product Manager
Sharp Healthcare

Why Companies Choose Schema App

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Get Schema Markup Expertise

Schema Markup Expertise

We provide you with the expertise you need to develop and execute a successful semantic schema markup strategy to drive traffic.

Integrates with all sites

Integrate With All Websites

Our Schema App platform integrates with any website, allowing your team to author, update and deploy your markups within a matter of minutes.

Reduce dependency on IT

Increase Agility & Reduce IT Dependency

Upon integration with our platform, your SEO team will no longer depend on your IT team to implement and manage your Schema Markup.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Deploy schema markup at scale

Scalable Schema Markup solution

Our authoring tools dynamically generate and deploy customized Schema Markup across hundreds of pages, allowing you to manage your markup with ease.

Futureproof for AI

Futureproof for AI

We implement semantic Schema Markup and connect the various entities on your site to help you create a reusable knowledge graph and futureproof your organization for AI search.

Evolve with the seo world

Evolve with the SEO World

As the world of search evolves, our team will guide your team on how to navigate the changes and transform your content and markup to stay competitive and drive results.

Trusted by Leading Brands Across the Globe

Increase in Impression

Increase in Clicks

Increase in CTR

Increase in Clicks

Ready to leverage Schema Markup to develop your knowledge graph and prepare for AI?

Knowledge graphs - the value of schema markup beyond rich results

Value of Schema Markup Beyond Rich Results

Explore how Schema Markup enhances website visibility and search engine understanding of your content through robust knowledge graphs.

Prepare for ai search ebook

Strategies to Prepare for Generative AI Search

A must-read for SEO teams looking to adapt their SEO strategies and leverage Schema Markup to meet the demands of generative AI search and stay competitive.

The Value of Schema App’s High Touch Support

Find out what our High Touch Support services entail and how we can help you proactively manage your markup to stay ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to leverage Schema Markup to develop your knowledge graph and prepare for AI?