Schema App Solution Pricing

Schema Markup Solution for Enterprises

Schema Markup is complex. Rely on Schema App’s team of experts to accelerate your Schema Markup strategy without stressing over the complexities and IT dependencies.

Get a scalable end-to-end Schema Markup Solution that helps your unique content stand out in search and drive organic traffic

What’s included in our Schema App Solution:

Access to Schema App Platform

  • Schema App Editor to author and deploy Schema Markup on unique web pages
  • Schema App Highlighter to create and deploy Schema Markup templates at scale across thousands of similar templated pages (i.e. blog, location pages, physician pages, etc.)
  • Schema App Analyzer to monitor the health of your Schema Markup and identify new Schema Markup opportunities
  • Schema Performance Analytics to measure and analyze your Schema Markup performance

High Touch Support Services

  • Assigned Customer Success Manager to support with strategy, troubleshooting, competitive analysis and reporting for a minimum of 1 hour per month
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of your Schema Markup and provide a monthly report summarizing issues and outcomes
  • Quarterly Business Reporting to review your Schema Markup performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • One-time Strategy & Setup to create your Schema Markup strategy and set up your pages or templates within Schema App

Get in touch with us to get a customized quote for your organization.

Additional Services

Schema App Additional Services – Additional High touch support

Additional High Touch Support Hours

Depending on your organization’s needs and scope of work, our High Touch Support hours can scale accordingly.

Schema App Additional Services – Single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on integration with Schema App platform.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Deploy schema markup at scale

Deploy Schema Markup at Scale

Managing Schema Markup across thousands of pages is challenging. We help you manage and deploy your custom Schema Markup through our Highlighter tool.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Get Schema Markup Expertise

Schema Markup Expertise Without the Stress

Schema Markup is complex. We have the tools and expertise to help you implement and manage your Schema Markup process so your internal team can focus on strategy while still achieving rich results.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Reduce dependency on IT

Reduce Dependency on IT

Getting your IT team to deploy and update your Schema Markup can result in delays and inefficiencies. We enable your SEO team by taking care of deployment so they no longer need to depend on IT to get the job done.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Alignment across Enterprise Silos

Get Alignment across Enterprise Silos

A successful Schema Markup strategy relies on great content, scalable site architecture and clear set goals. Our team will work with your content marketers, IT, and other departments to ensure your SEO team gets results.

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