How our Schema Markup Solution Works

Managing your Schema Markup and Knowledge Graph has never been easier

By leveraging our solution, you empower your SEO team to prepare for AI search and maximize the results they can achieve from their Schema Markup strategy.

The Schema App Experience

Our Schema App Process involves five steps – strategy, authoring, deployment, ongoing maintenance and monitoring, and reporting – to help our customers achieve measurable results through Schema Markup. We consider both values around rich results and semantic search throughout each of these steps.

Schema App Process – strategy, authoring, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and reporting

Build a Schema Markup strategy that fits your unique business goals

Every business has unique goals and your Schema Markup strategy should be tailored to achieve those goals. Your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you to identify the key page sets, entities and rich results to optimize to ensure your SEO efforts are moving your business goals forward.

Author your Schema Markup and define your entities

Your content is fundamental to the success of your Schema Markup strategy. During the authoring stage, your CSM will review the content on your pages and define the entities on your site in detail using the properties.

They will also equip you and your team with content recommendations to make your Schema Markup more semantic, improve your rich result eligibility and optimize your strategy for the latest search engine algorithm updates.

Your Schema Markup will then be created on the Schema App Editor and Highlighter, and leverage the Omni Linked Entity Recognition feature to link the entities across your site and beyond.

Deploy your Schema Markup as we journey to first wins

Your team will be provided instructions and support to ensure our Schema App platform integrates successfully with your site and CMS. You’ll no longer need to involve your IT team to deploy or update your Schema Markup.

After authoring and supporting you in setting up an integration, your Schema Markup will be deployed and your CSM will test it using the Schema Validator, Google Rich Results Testing tool and complete an internal quality assurance check to ensure your markup is deploying successfully and being seen by Google.

You can sit back and watch the rich results and clicks start rolling in.

Ongoing Schema Markup Monitoring & Optimization

Schema Markup is not a one-and-done marketing strategy. We understand that content, webpage layouts, and integrations change and are updated by your cross-functional teams. To accommodate for this, we have built-in features within the Schema App Platform and CSMs to ensure your semantic Schema Markup strategy is moving in the right direction.

We do this by having alerts within the Platform and taking a proactive approach.

Quarterly Business Reviews & Reporting

Get visibility on your knowledge graph and how your Schema Markup is performing (clicks, impressions and click-through rate) through our Quarterly Business Reviews.

During your quarterly business review, we share results and get aligned on the next quarter’s priorities. These priorities can be informed by the latest Schema Markup industry news and trends or strategies we are seeing deliver results. Our goal is to future proof you, be agile and make it easy to demonstrate the value of Schema Markup to your stakeholders.

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help you prepare for AI and drive results

Why Companies Choose Schema App

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Get Schema Markup Expertise

Schema Markup Expertise

We provide you with the expertise you need to develop and execute a successful semantic schema markup strategy to drive traffic.

Integrates with all sites

Integrate With All Websites

Our Schema App platform integrates with any website, allowing your team to author, update and deploy your markups within a matter of minutes.

Reduce dependency on IT

Increase Agility & Reduce IT Dependency

Upon integration with our platform, your SEO team will no longer depend on your IT team to implement and manage your Schema Markup.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Deploy schema markup at scale

Scalable Schema Markup solution

Our authoring tools dynamically generate and deploy customized Schema Markup across hundreds of pages, allowing you to manage your markup with ease.

Futureproof for AI

Futureproof for AI

We implement semantic Schema Markup and connect the various entities on your site to help you create a reusable knowledge graph and futureproof your organization for AI search.

Evolve with the seo world

Evolve with the SEO World

As the world of search evolves, our team will guide your team on how to navigate the changes and transform your content and markup to stay competitive and drive results.

Should you do Schema Markup In-House or Hire Schema App?

Weigh the pros and cons of doing Schema Markup internally vs. hiring Schema App to determine the best approach for your business.

Schema App Solution vs. Schema Markup Plugin

Learn about the key differences between using the Schema App solution and a typical Schema Markup plugin to implement your Schema Markup.

The Value of Schema App’s High Touch Support

Find out what our High Touch Support services entail and how we can help you proactively manage your markup to stay ahead.

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help you prepare for AI and drive results