How our Schema Markup Solution Works

Managing your Schema Markup has never been easier

By leveraging our solution, you are empowering your SEO team to maximize the results they can achieve from their Schema Markup strategy.

The Schema App Experience

Our Schema App solution involves these 5 main steps – strategy, authoring, deployment, ongoing maintenance and monitoring and reporting – to help our customers achieve measurable results through Schema Markup. 

Schema App Process – strategy, authoring, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and reporting

Build a Schema Markup strategy that fits your unique business goals

Every business has its unique goals and your Schema Markup strategy should be tailored to those goals. Your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you to identify the key page sets and rich results to optimize to ensure your SEO efforts are moving your business goals forward. 

Authoring your Schema Markup and bringing your strategy to life

During the authoring stage, your CSM will review the content on your pages in detail and maximize the properties and rich results attainable. Your Schema Markup will then be created on the Schema App Editor and Highlighter. You’ll never have to write a single line of JSON-LD again.

Deploy your Schema Markup as we journey to first wins

Your team will be provided instructions and support to ensure our Schema App platform integrates successfully with your site and CMS. You’ll no longer need to involve your IT team in deploying your Schema Markup. 

After authoring and setting up the integration, your CSM will deploy your Schema Markup and test it using the Schema Validator, Google Rich Results Testing tool and complete an internal quality assurance check to ensure the markup is deploying successfully and being seen by Google.

You can sit back and watch the rich results start rolling in.

Ongoing Schema Markup Monitoring & Optimization

Schema Markup is not a one-and-done marketing strategy. You’ll meet with your Customer Success Manager regularly and get ongoing support to ensure your strategy is moving in the right direction.

Depending on your organization’s current needs, your ongoing Schema App journey can include:

Quarterly Business Reviews & Reporting

Get visibility on how your Schema Markup is performing (clicks, impressions and click-through rate) and the latest Schema Markup industry news and trends through our Quarterly Business Reviews.

That way, you can see how the strategy is contributing to your goals and easily demonstrate the value of Schema Markup to your stakeholders.

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help you drive results

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App

Ability to deploy Schema Markup dynamically at Scale

Get the Schema Markup expertise without the stress

Reduce dependency on the internal IT team to update Schema Markup

Get alignment across enterprise silos

Ability to work within complex web architectures

Built for Enterprise teams

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help you drive results