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SAP Achieves Unprecedented Organic Search Results with Schema App

SAP is is a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management.

Growth in clicks from rich results

4 million
Pages optimized over 7 websites

As a global innovator, SAP wanted not only to drive up its traffic but also to become a market leader. The cloud software company knew that a digital content distribution strategy rooted in machine understanding would accelerate its success today and in the future. 

The vision was to engage their target audience through paid, organic, and voice search across any device and platform of choice while minimizing development costs and expediting time to market.


Errors in Existing Schema Markup

SAP’s websites had existing Schema Markup on many of the pages, but the quality of the Schema Markup was poor. Some pages had the wrong type, while others had multiple types with no indication of the primary type. These errors could potentially:

  • Confuse search engines about page content
  • Make the pages ineligible for rich results
  • Affect quality and volume of traffic to the sites

Finding the Right Schema Markup Solution

Adding Schema Markup to a webpage can be time-consuming and tricky.

SAP was looking for a scalable way to add Schema Markup to their page. They also wanted a Schema Markup solution that provided guidance on strategy, maintenance, success metrics and training for their entire website.


In search of a solution, SAP started its journey by testing different solutions. They ultimately found the Schema App solution to be the most mature solution, with the right tools in the toolkit to address any platform and template needs.

SAP partnered with Schema App to implement one of the first-ever global Schema Markup pilot projects on a B2B site.

Access to Schema Markup Expert

To start, Schema App removed all the incorrect Schema Markups on SAP’s sites. The Schema App Customer Success Team then developed a full Schema Markup strategy by identifying the appropriate Schema Markup for priority pages and identifying opportunities in SAP’s content. Once the strategy was finalized, it was time for deployment.

Tools that Enable Agility & Scale

The Schema App Highlighter was used to quickly deploy customized Schema Markup across SAP’s Answer Center by adding a single Javascript tag in Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). The Schema App WordPress plugin was also used to optimize the articles on As a result, SAP was able to deploy Schema Markup to over 3 million pages in 2 days without having to write any code or effort from IT.

We started our journey by testing competing solutions. We found Schema App’s solution to be the most mature, with the right tools to address the needs of any platform and template. Schema App’s team has been equally impressive. They excel in their domain knowledge, speed and transparency, as well as their willingness to train, up-skill our staff and support us throughout our journey.

Alwin Zachariah, SAP

Alwin Zachariah

Senior Director, Global SEO


Standing Out in Search through Rich Results

SAP now stands out on the search engine results page through a wide variety of rich results. The FAQ and Q&A rich results represent 67% of impressions for the SAP domain.


SAP’s Answer center saw 160% growth in impressions and 150% growth in clicks for pages with rich results. Schema Markup and content migration together contributed to the growth in the search results.

Digitalist Magazine saw 41% growth in impressions and 28% growth in clicks for pages with rich results, as well as a 75.6% lift in organic traffic. SAP saw historical organic growth through their Schema Markup rollout work with Schema App.

Continued Success with Domain

SAP was thrilled by the results of the pilot Schema Markup project with the Schema App team and decided to continue working with Schema App on a site-wide Schema Markup rollout. SAP has since deployed custom Schema Markup to 6 of its web properties. 

In the three months leading up to December 9, 2019, SAP saw more than 400% growth in clicks from rich results from search engines to domain.

Our work with Schema App has delivered tangible results. In 2019, Schema App optimized more than 4 million pages over 7 websites, resulting in more than 400% net growth in rich results organic traffic. Schema App makes schema markup easy.

Kathy Visser-May

Vice President, Global Digital Marketing


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