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AdventHealth’s Rebranding Success with Structured Data

AdventHealth is a faith-based, non-profit healthcare system with 50 hospitals and facilities within nine states across the United States. Their whole-person approach to care is designed to help you take your health and happiness into your own hands.

increase in clicks to website

increase in impressions to website

increase in CTR to website


AdventHealth was planning a massive rebrand to consolidate over 800 websites using approximately 35 different CMS platforms under a single brand and URL. Their goal was also to lead the health industry in rich results and stand out as an innovative brand.

To mitigate the risk of an anticipated 25% drop in organic traffic in year one, AdventHealth decided to use Structured Data (also known as Schema Markup) as a key strategy to help manage the transition within Google Search.


With that in mind, AdventHealth strategically chose Schema App to do the Structured Data for the rebranding project due to the expertise and agility provided by the Schema App team. The Schema App team developed a multi-pronged approach for AdventHealth’s rebranding project.

1. Notifying Search Engines about the Upcoming Rebrand

First, Schema App built transition sites augmented with Structured Data to notify the search engines about the upcoming rebranding effort. The new name, AdventHealth, was introduced in the transition sites, using the properties, “alternateName” and “sameAs”.

2. Creating linkages between the Old and New sites for Search Engines

After the transition, we leveraged the property “legalName” to reference the new name but continued to note the previous name(s) using “alternativeName”. By doing this, they could create linkages between the old and new sites and inform the search engines that they were the same thing.

To add further clarity, Schema App added a “dissolutionDate” and a “disambiguatingDescription” to explain the differences between the old and new sites. We also used “sameAs” properties to solidify the connection between the websites.

3. Looking for additional opportunities for Rich Results

Using to notify the search engines about the rebranding was critical to avoid a negative impact on performance. However, the team also wanted to bolster visibility so they looked to opportunities to qualify for rich results and implemented FAQ markup and physician reviews on their physician pages.

4. Responsiveness to COVID-19 Changes

What started off as an initiative to mitigate risk from a rebranding turned into an opportunity to stand out in search and drive additional traffic to their websites. COVID-19 caused even more urgency to be visible to help people during the pandemic.

AdventHealth experienced the same speed of Structured Data deployment and trusted the Schema App expertise again to respond to COVID-19 too.

We have seen significant increases in how our physicians are being found. Physician bio clips increased 90% from 150,000 clicks to about 285,000 clicks and we saw a 38% increase in the click-through rate of the search results as well.

Brandi West – AdventHealth

Brandi West

Vice President, Consumer Innovation



Rebranding Success

After the rebrand, there was a brief loss in organic traffic followed by significant gains. AdventHealth experienced growth for all pages and saw the following results.

  • 90% increase in clicks
  • 40% increase in impressions
  • 38% increase in CTR

Furthermore, their physician pages (/find-a-doctor) accounted for 25% of clicks and 26% of impressions.

Schema App’s strategy and Structured Data implementation help AdventHealth mitigate risk from their rebranding efforts and increased Advent Health’s visibility on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Growth in Response to COVID-19

As a result of the Structured Data deployed for COVID-19, AdventHealth experienced growth for all pages during the first 3 months of the response to the pandemic.

  • 8% increase in clicks (amounting to an incremental 100,000 clicks)
  • 22% increase in impressions (amounting to an incremental 5.4M impressions)

On top of achieving these spectacular results, Schema App also helped AdventHealth avoid having to depend on development & IT resource to implement the Schema Markup changes. AdventHealth was able to save on costs while still deploying its advanced Structured Data with speed.

We’ve seen astronomical growth through our work with Schema App. Our clicks from rich results were up 25% in Q1, our impressions from rich results were up 30% and we’ve driven close to 15 million organic sessions just from rich results. I don’t think we would get these sorts of results without our partnership with Schema App. Schema App is like an extension of the AdventHealth team.

Carolina Anthony

Executive Director of Digital Brands and Content Strategy


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