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Power your AI marketing initiatives with your Knowledge Graph

Implement semantic Schema Markup to build a reusable marketing knowledge graph to inform search engines or train your LLMs.

consolidates all the Schema Markup into your very own RDF Graph

Help search engines understand and contextualize your content

Search engines like Google have shifted from lexical to semantic search to improve the accuracy of search results. Search engines now look at the concepts and entities on a page and how they relate to other things on the website and on the web, to provide searchers with the most relevant results to their query.

You can help search engines further understand, contextualize and distinguish the entities on your site using Schema Markup.

Add schema markup to your all the pages on your website

1. is the vocabulary developed by major search engines. Implement Schema Markup on your site to describe the entities in your content using the standard vocabulary.

Connect entities on your site using schema markup

Connect entities on your site to explain the relationship between one another to provide search engines with contextual knowledge about your content. 

Link entities to external authoritative databases like wikiepdia or wikidata

Link the entities on your site to external authoritative knowledge bases if applicable in your markup to help search engines further disambiguate the entities on your page.

Enable your marketing team with a knowledge graph that drives AI initiatives and improves search

By using the vocabulary to define and connect the entities on your site, you are building a reusable knowledge graph for your organization.

Drive more qualified traffic to your site

By developing your knowledge graph, we help your team provide generative AI search engines with more contextual knowledge about your content. As a result, search engines can better match the concepts on your page to the user’s query, increase the click-through rate and drive more quality traffic to your site.

Train your LLM with domain-specific and timely knowledge

AI Chatbots are a great way to connect with your customers but the LLMs are prone to hallucination. By creating a knowledge graph using your website content, we provide your team with a reliable data layer that can be used to train and ground your LLM with domain-specific knowledge to generate more accurate results at a lower cost.

Enhance your reporting with a rich reusable data layer

Your knowledge graph is an extensible and rich data set that can be reused for more granular reporting. With Schema App, you can easily integrate your knowledge graph with popular BI tools like Looker studio to combine data from various source and make informed decisions regarding strategy and marketing spend.

Develop your very own knowledge graph using Schema App

At Schema App, we help businesses implement semantic Schema Markup on their site to develop a reusable knowledge graph using our semantic technology platform.

Build your knowledge graph with ease

Whether you use our authoring toolkits (Highlighter, Editor, etc) or author your markup in-house, Schema App consolidates all the Schema Markup into your very own RDF Graph. Your graph will contain a collection of data items specifically for your website, and all of the schema Markup properties are combined into one easily accessible dataset.

Automate your entity linking

We also enrich your Schema Markup using the Schema App Linked Entity Recognition feature – where we apply natural language processing to your content to identify the relevant entities on your website and map them into your Schema Markup and graph. This provides search engines with richer context and meaning for how your content relates to known concepts (people, places, things, etc).

Ready to drive AI search performance using your knowledge graph?

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