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How Schema App Empowered Spectrum Group Online to Expand Their SEO Service Offerings

Spectrum Group Online, a data-driven digital marketing agency based in San Jose, CA, offers a deep range of marketing services, including Analytics, WordPress website design and maintenance, SEM, and SEO.

Spectrum Group focuses on delivering strategic insights and measurable results for their clients’ online presence; they recognize the importance of Schema Markup in enhancing search visibility and maintaining competitiveness in the digital landscape.


Finding a flexible Schema Markup solution.

Spectrum Group Online faced several challenges when implementing Schema Markup for its diverse client base. They found existing Schema Markup plugins and solutions in the market limiting, specifically around control and flexibility. Many markup plugins were restrictive, hindering Spectrum’s ability to utilize the variety of schema.org types needed to customize their client’s Schema Markup and cater to their unique business products or services.

“Our main challenge was flexibility. The ability to technically deliver what our clients need with the Schema Markup tool,” said Massimo Paolini, co-founder of Spectrum Group Online.

The overwhelming complexity of Schema.org further compounded their difficulties. Massimo and his team desired the technical knowledge and capability to deploy and manage Schema Markup. Using Schema App, they’ve augmented their agency’s SEO expertise and now offer real-time support to their clients without outsourcing.

“I looked [for a solution], and Schema App was the only system that gave us this level of control,” explained Mr. Paolini.


Upon thoroughly evaluating available options, Spectrum Group Online identified Schema App as the ideal solution for their Schema Markup needs. Schema App provided the necessary tools and offered support that surpassed other providers in the market.

Deploying custom Schema Markup across client websites

The Schema App Editor’s control over markup and scalable pricing structure aligned perfectly with Spectrum Group Online’s requirements. The agency can now maximize the Schema.org vocabulary to clearly explain the content and context of each page, helping their clients achieve rich results that stand out in search.

Furthermore, Schema App’s agency training enabled Spectrum’s SEO team to confidently author and deploy Schema Markup on client websites. The markup is instrumental in gaining rich results and improving SEO performance for their clients.

Robust training and ongoing support

At the start of the engagement, the agency received ongoing assistance from the Customer Success team, who promptly addressed their queries via virtual support and provided guidance throughout their Schema Markup journey.

“Schema App’s support team has been amazing. We have a team member that has been learning Schema. When she hits a snag, she communicates directly with the Schema App team, and they are very responsive,” said Mr. Paolini.

The training materials provided by Schema App also proved invaluable for continuous learning and skill development for their in-house SEO team. The support and strategy training not only enabled Spectrum Group Online to overcome technical barriers but also allowed them to offer comprehensive and customizable services to their clients.

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“Schema App’s support team has been amazing. We have a team member that has been learning Schema. When she hits a snag, she communicates directly with the Schema App team, and they are very responsive.”

Photo of Massimo Paolini - CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Spectrum Group Online

Massimo Paolini

CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Spectrum Group Online


The agency’s adoption of Schema Markup facilitates search engines with a deep understanding of their client’s business content, resulting in improved search visibility and organic traffic. Spectrum Group Online also utilizes Google Search Console and Google Analytics to showcase the return on investment with Schema Markup.

By leveraging Schema App’s tools, training, and customer support, Spectrum Group Online achieved measurable boosts in SEO performance and successfully integrated Schema Markup into its service portfolio. The growth in SEO performance — increased search visibility and establishment of authority — are all signs of the significance of Schema Markup in driving online success.

Spectrum Group Online’s experience and commitment exemplify the value of the Schema App in enabling digital marketing agencies to leverage Schema Markup for their clients’ benefit and growth.

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