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Keen Footwear’s Global Brand Success Story

As a value-based company, KEEN Footwear strives to make both shoes and a difference in the world.

In 2018, KEEN Footwear migrated to SalesForce Commerce Cloud. Havalah Gholdston, Senior SEO Manager of Keen Footwear, was a Schema Markup expert and understood the value of Schema Markup. She wanted to apply Schema Markup to KEEN Footwear’s 19 microsites.


Deploying Schema Markup to all 19 microsites

KEEN Footwear wanted to add Schema Markup to all 19 microsites for their global business. Adding Schema Markup to each site manually would have been difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. They needed a scalable Schema Markup solution that allowed them to easily deploy and manage Schema Markup for all 19 microsites with their small SEO team.

Pages with inconsistent templates and layouts

KEEN Footwear’s migration to SalesForce Commerce Cloud also presented a significant hurdle. SalesForce Commerce Cloud wasn’t built to be a content manager, which made it challenging to add Schema Markup to the pages with different layouts. For example, there wasn’t a consistent template for their Blogs, so pages had an assortment of image sizes, text placements and page elements. This lack of consistency made it difficult for them to deploy Schema Markup using Schema App’s Highlighter tool through Google Tag Manager.

Linking Entities

As a Schema Markup expert, Havalah understands that every page on the internet can be seen by search engines as its own individual entity (or thing). She wanted to determine which entities on a page could relate to other entities elsewhere on her site but recognized that this could be challenging.


Deploying Schema Markup at Scale

KEEN Footwear decided to partner with Schema App to enable their Schema Markup strategy. The Schema App team used the Highlighter tool to create and deploy Schema Markup templates for the different types of pages on KEEN Footwear’s 19 microsites.

With Schema App, Keen could be certain their markup would accommodate variations in their content architecture, automatically update when changes were made, and be maintained and monitored from a central source. As a result, KEEN Footwear was also able to execute its Schema Markup strategy with little to no dependency on its IT team.

Using XPaths to Apply Schema Markup Templates

Due to the inconsistency in page layout, KEEN Footwear couldn’t simply use URL or Regex patterns to deploy the Schema Markup template to the Blog pages. The Schema App Customer Success Team stepped in and identified XPaths that were unique to the Blog pages, allowing KEEN Footwear to deploy their Schema Markup template without any obstructions.

Semantic Expertise

Linking entities on the site was a priority for KEEN Footwear. With the support from the Schema App Customer Success Team and the flexibility of Schema App’s Editor and Highlighter tools, Schema App was able to link entities across the KEEN website using the Linked Entity Recognition feature.

Havalah and her Customer Success Manager worked together to link entities from authoritative knowledge bases (like Wikipedia and Google’s Knowledge Graph) to describe what blog posts were about. This enabled Havalah’s request to create semantic connections and provide clarity to Google on the topics of the blogs.

Rich Results Achieved


With the help of Schema App’s tools and the Customer Success Team, KEEN Footwear was able to create and deploy Schema Markup to all 19 microsites on SalesForce Commerce Cloud as planned with little to no dependency on their IT team.

The addition of Schema Markup to their US site also resulted in 20% year-over-year growth in organic traffic. To date, KEEN Footwear still drives eCommerce success with engaging rich results in search.

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