Schema Markup Training

To maximize its effectiveness, schema markup should be viewed as an ongoing strategic SEO initiative. There are 5 steps in the overall process: Strategy, Authoring, Deployment, Maintenance and Reporting & Analytics.
Follow the lessons below to learn more about this process.

Chapter 1: Strategy

It might be tempting to skip this step, but it’s a critical step in the process. Plan out your schema markup authoring and deployment strategy. 

Chapter 2: Authoring

Authoring is the process of applying the markup to your website pages. 

Chapter 3: Deployment

Determine the best method for deploying the code to your website.

Deployment Example

Chapter 4: Maintenance

Keep your markup in tip-top shape as changes are made to the vocabulary, your content and Google’s algorithms.

Analyzer Graph

Chapter 5: Reporting & Analytics

Measure the business impact.

Reports Example

Learn how to navigate through the Schema App toolset!