Schema Markup Training

To maximize its effectiveness, your Schema Markup should be managed as an ongoing strategic SEO initiative. 

5 Key Steps in the Schema Markup Process

Schema App Process
Strategy Hex

Chapter 1: Strategy

It might be tempting to skip this step, but it’s a crucial step in the process. Plan out your schema markup authoring and deployment strategy.

Authoring Hex

Chapter 2: Authoring

Authoring is the process of applying the markup to your website pages.

Schema App Editor

The Schema App Editor allows you to mark up web pages one by one. It contains the entire vocabulary and highlights properties that are ‘required’ and ‘recommended’ by Google to be eligible for rich results.

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Schema App Highlighter

Work with a schema markup expert to deploy structured data at scale. Mark up multiple brands, websites, and pages without having to write a line of code – reducing dependency on IT.

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Authoring Hex

Chapter 3: Deployment

Determine the best method for deploying the code to your website.

Maintenance Hex

Chapter 4: Maintenance

Keep your markup in tip-top shape as changes are made to the vocabulary, your content and Google’s algorithms.

Reporting & Analytics Hex

Chapter 5: Reporting & Analytics

Measure the business impact of your structured data implementation. Use any errors to find new schema markup opportunities!

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