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How Connection Model Partnered with Schema App to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Based in Seattle, Connection Model is a nimble Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping clients grow revenue, generate qualified leads and acquire profitable new customers through measurable, accountable Inbound Marketing.

As a nimble digital marketing agency, Connection Model is constantly looking for the latest and greatest tools and innovations to stay ahead with the ever-changing world of digital marketing and Google.

David Carpenter, the founder and president of Connection Model, first learnt about Schema Markup in 2016 through a technical SEO specialist based in Canada. He realized that Schema Markup was going to be important as it provided context to websites, could help clients stand out in search through rich results and would be a great offering to their clients.


Finding the right solution

The technical SEO specialist that introduced Mr. Carpenter to Schema Markup offered to help Connection Model set up and maintain the Schema Markup for their clients. 

However, the technical SEO specialist was only able to implement basic Schema Markup, and Connection Model wanted to offer more sophisticated Schema Markup to their clients to gain an advantage over competitors. 

Furthermore, when asked how the Schema Markup was going to be implemented, the technical SEO specialist was opaque about the process. Connection Model did not want to depend solely on this individual for their clients’ Schema in the long run. This solution was not scalable and didn’t enable them to be nimble with their Schema Markup.

As a result, Connection Model embarked on their search for a different Schema Markup solution.


Upon doing some online research, Mr. Carpenter chanced upon Schema App and found that Schema App had the tools to help them take their Schema Markup offering to the next level.

“I realized there was going to be a big competitive advantage because we were going to be able to take Schema Markup to the next level, which most people were not able to. Most agencies and website builders that come to know of Schema Markup are only going to do basic Schema like WebSite markup.”

Connection Model could leverage the Schema App platform to implement sophisticated Schema Markup for their clients and simplify the process by automating the coding aspect.  

This marked the beginning of Connection Model’s long-standing partnership with Schema App. Jayden Stevenson, one of the client advisors and SEO specialists on the Connection Model team, was tasked with managing the partnership with Schema App.

Scalable Technology

One of the tools that really sparked interest was the Schema App Highlighter due to its scalability and automation. Some of Connection Model’s clients had sitemaps in the thousands, and the manual addition of the JSON-LD code to those websites would’ve been impossible. 

With the Schema App Highlighter, Connection Model could automatically add Schema Markup to a set of pages that share a URL pattern (i.e. blog, location, physicians, etc.) and layout/template. Once set up in Schema App, the Schema Markup is automatically added to any newly published page with the shared URL pattern through Schema App’s Highlighter. 

“Without the Highlighter, you are confining yourself to a lifetime of constant coding. The Highlighter allows you to set your Schema on automation, and it’s hitting an easy button,” said Mr. Carpenter. 

Unlike other plugins in the market, the Schema App Editor and Highlighter tools also gave Ms. Stevenson full control over the Schema Markup for her clients. She could easily update the Schema Markup and resolve any issues instead of being restricted by a plugin that had little settings or control. 

Excellent Customer Support

Training and Onboarding

Schema Markup was and still is a complex subject. Even with the Schema App platform, the learning curve for Connection Model was steep. Schema App provided Connection Model with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure they had a smooth onboarding and training experience. 

“Schema Markup, as well as the Schema App platform, definitely took some time to learn and understand. It is like learning a new language but getting through that with our Schema App Customer Success Manager was amazing,” said Ms. Stevenson. 

The Schema App Customer Success Manager made sure the Connection Model team had a good grasp of how to use the platform and took the time to address any challenges that the Connection Model team had. “I couldn’t do this without Schema App,” Ms. Stevenson commented.

Ongoing Support

Schema Markup can also be confusing when done on an advanced level and often involves a lot of investigation work when things go awry. “Thankfully, the Schema App team has been incredibly helpful with investigating these issues,” said Ms. Stevenson. 

When one of their clients had a 404 issue that none of their other clients nor the Schema App team had ever encountered, Ms. Stevenson was able to get support from the Schema App development team to help investigate and resolve the issue. 

Whenever support was needed, Connection Model knew that they could rely on the Schema App team to help problem solve.

Our clients can see that when their pages show up on search with rich results, these pages have a higher position on the SERP and a higher click-through rate.

David Carpenter headshot

David Carpenter

Founder & President

Connection Model


Connection Model and their clients were early adopters of Schema App. In the past 6 months, they continued to achieve stunning results on search.

Cosmolex 2.1%
CTR for pages with no rich results
CTR for pages with review snippet rich results
CTR for pages with product rich results
Greetly 1.3%
CTR for pages with no rich results
CTR for pages with product rich results
Law Ruler 1.8%
CTR for pages with no rich results
CTR for pages with product rich results
Tab3 1.9%
CTR for pages with no rich results
CTR for pages with FAQ rich results

Schema App is now a trusted partner of Connection Model. With the help of Schema App, Connection Model has become a better organic search partner to their clients and is able to help their clients get a higher return on investment.

I would highly recommend Schema App to anyone that is looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

David Carpenter headshot

David Carpenter

Founder & President

Connection Model

See how Schema App can help your business leverage Schema Markup to stand out in search.