About Us

Our mission is to accelerate your digital success. We help you to be found by your customers, stand out from your competition and derive deeper insights from your data.

Customers use “search” to research, engage and buy. Search Engines like Google, Siri, and Alexa, are the gatekeepers to your data – your virtual front door. Their goal is to provide relevant answers.  Your goal is to attract your target audience. Applying Schema markup to your digital data ensures that it is explicitly understood by these gatekeepers. The outcome? Higher quality organic traffic which results in greater engagement,  conversions and ultimately, revenue.

Schema App, an innovative semantic search company, puts Schema Markup into the hands of Digital Marketers – so that they can translate their content into the language of search engines and gain unprecedented value as a result of doing so.

Understanding Schema markup
What is Schema Markup and how does it benefit your business? (video + blog)

How We Work…aka our Values

We are Excellent to One Another

If we all had the same strengths and ideas … we’d be missing out. Our differences make us strong and competitive and our diversity makes it fun to work here. We want you to bring your whole self to work!
We respect each another and believe in the power of the teamwork and inclusivity, so we collaborate, leverage each other’s strengths and share responsibilities – even the dreaded task of emptying the dishwasher!

We Value Speed, Agility, and Follow-Through

When we say we’ll do something, you can count on it getting done. We design with the ideal in mind but we move FAST and know when to prioritize progress over perfection. Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.

We “WOW” our Customers

Your success brings us joy – Seriously!  There are a lot of high fives when we know you are rocking it! We love exceeding your expectations. We put our energy into building what you need and incorporating your feedback into our plans.

We Love to Learn

We are constantly learning and exploring new ways to delight our customers and when we discover something great, we share our knowledge … with each other, with our customers and with the market.

We are Honest and Transparent

As individuals, it would be great to be perfect, but that’s just not life. When we are honest and transparent about our strengths and weaknesses, great things happen – innovation increases and so does collaboration and quality.
Our customers can count on us to do the right thing- even if that means pointing you to another service provider who can serve you better.

We Give Back

It feels good to give back to our community, so we volunteer, make monetary donations, provide free services and mentor.

We strive to be the most comprehensive structured data tools on the market.

You will always have the latest schema.org release and extra capabilities to make managing your structured data easy and the ability to create added value seamlessly. We want you to stand out from your competitors thanks to our differentiated, awesome products.

We are your structured data experts.

We want to mark up the world’s websites with structured data and have built the tools to do it. We move fast when we learn about new ways to use structured data to derive value (like Semantic Analytics), and because our product is built on semantic technology, we have the ability to make changes and updates at super speed.

We love hearing from you.

This may shock you, but we love talking to our customers. Each week we talk to customers about schema.org, complex problems, and where you are confused. Each time we have a conversation we learn something new and have the opportunity to unleash the power of structured data to help you grow your business and differentiate online. So call us, we want to hear from you.

Want to work with us?