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A Structured Data Solution for Growth Minded Digital Teams

Schema App combines advanced technology with expert services. Achieve your organic search goals with a structured data solution, customized to showcase your unique value.


Get Results with Expert Support

Schema App offers an end-to-end schema markup solution that works with all websites and all content so that you can stand out in search.

Schema App drives ROI for every Industry

including these key verticals


Book more appointments by bringing important and relevant information to consumers at the start of their healthcare journey online. Build trust in your organization and control what and how content appears in search results, boosting your SEO performance and driving more patients to your website.


Connect with customers at every stage of the buying journey by taking control of how your ecommerce store, products and/or services appear in search results. Stand out from the competition with engaging Google search enhancements like rich results to drive more sales from qualified customers.

B2B Tech

Are you looking to scale fast and with ease? Drive brand awareness and engage with new customers at different stages of their customer journey through structured data. Track your progress through customized strategies that can integrate with any CMS, any technology, and any content.

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Going the extra mile to be solution oriented and always coming up with a solution is so helpful. (You are) always staying ahead and paying attention to the details. I’ve learned so much. (You’re) really being a partner through it all, not just fulfilling a task.”

Rachael Jones, SEO Strategist, Sharp Healthcare

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The leading structured data solution

Schema App’s tools scale to any website’s needs and showcase your unique content in search through rich results. The Schema App Highlighter deploys structured data at scale in minutes, while the Schema App Editor can handle unique pages with customized content or design. Our expert technology can manage any CMS, any technology, and any website – effectively and efficiently.

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Schema App Editor

Schema markup for unique pages with customized content

Does your website have unique pages with customized content or design? The Schema App Editor can mark up web pages one-by-one, without writing any code. It contains the entire vocabulary and highlights the schema properties that are required and recommended by Google to be eligible for rich results.


Schema markup for templated pages at scale

The Schema App Highlighter can mark up ten or ten thousand pages in minutes, without writing a line of code. The Highlighter creates schema markup for a template, and connects it to existing entities (data items), or to other things on the web to build and manage a true knowledge graph for your website.

Schema App Highlighter
Schema App Analyzer

How healthy is the schema markup on your website?

Schema App’s Analyzer allows you to enter any website URL and discovery what schema markup is on the website. In the report, you will see what schema markup is available on the site and the markup’s health. Using our business rules, the Analyzer determines if Google’s required and recommended properties are available and if they are not, lists the ones that are missing.


A structured data reporting solution that scales with you

Schema Performance Analytics (SPA) offers reports to monitor performance as it relates to schema markup and Schema App. Use the data to identify content and rich result opportunities within your site. Benefits of Google Search Console with more data and more customization.

SPA Overview

Our solutions can integrate with any website

Connect the tools you already use with our structured data solutions.


Want to explore how Schema App works with your tech stack?

Meet with a schema markup expert for a free analysis of structured data opportunities on your website. The Schema App Experience begins here, where you start designing and developing a schema strategy customized for your unique business goals.

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We started our journey by testing competing solutions. We found Schema App’s solution to be the most mature, with the right tools to address the needs of any platform and template. Schema App’s team has been equally impressive. They excel in their domain knowledge, speed and transparency as well as their willingness to train, upskill our staff and support us throughout our journey.”

Alwin Zachariah, SAP Senior Director, Global SEO

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A friendly team of schema markup experts

Schema App isn’t just expert technology, it’s a true partner for your online business. Our expert team leads you from strategy to results with speed and agility. Your assigned Customer Success Manager demonstrates the value of schema markup through regular performance reviews and content recommendations. We remove the complexity of structured data so that you can focus on strategy.


Our Customer Success Managers will help you define your digital goals, track your progress, and see results. We work with you to develop a customized schema strategy suited for your ROI goals.


Maximize your results from structured data through expert content recommendations. Unlock rich result opportunities in organic search you didn’t even know were possible for your industry!


We want your schema markup to be successful! That’s why our technical advisors are ready to support you with ongoing strategy meetings, regular performance reviews, and enhanced analytics reporting.

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Schema has become the future of search and is rapidly evolving. As customers continue to shift their shopping habits, search engine optimization has become even more pivotal to our growing business. Home Hardware is an industry leader in this space and Schema App has made it effortless to stay on top of all the changes.”

Trevor Heal, Ecommerce Product Manager, Home Hardware Stores Limited

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