Schema App Solution

End-to-End Schema Markup Solution that Builds Knowledge Graphs and Drives Business Outcomes

Combining our semantic Schema Markup platform and High Touch Support services to deliver a customized, scalable solution for Enterprise SEO teams.

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Schema App Platform

Manage your Schema Markup at scale through our Schema App Platform

Easily create and manage your Schema Markup for thousands of pages, monitor the health of your Schema Markup, and measure results – all within a single platform. The Schema App platform integrates with all websites and enables you to execute your Schema Markup strategy with scale and agility.

Schema App Solutions – Schema App platform
Schema App Platform – Schema App Highlighter

Create and deploy semantic Schema Markup to thousands of similar templated pages on your site within minutes.

Schema App Platform – Editor

Create and deploy Schema Markup for unique pages on your site one by one, without writing a single line of code.

Schema App Platform – Schema Performance Analytics

Measure your Schema Markup performance and create custom reports for relevant stakeholders within your organization.

Schema App Platform – Analyzer

Discover the existing Schema Markup on your site and monitor the health of your Schema Markup.

consolidates all the Schema Markup into your very own RDF Graph

Develop a reusable knowledge graph through our semantic technologies

Implement semantic Schema Markup and develop your knowledge graph using our Schema Markup solution. On top of defining the entities on your site, we perform entity linking through our Linked Entity Recognition feature and authoring tools, consolidating the Schema Markup into your very own RDF graph.

Get a reusable knowledge graph that drives your AI initiatives and improves search.

Built for Enterprise Teams

Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations

Compliant with Enterprise Security Standards

Ability to work within complex web architecture

Connect your website and tools with our Schema App platform

image of Schema App's customer success managers

High Touch Support Services

Maximize your SEO results with our High Touch Support

Schema App’s High Touch Support services will ensure you get the expertise and resources required to see a return on your Schema Markup investment. Our Customer Success Managers are an extension of your SEO team. They provide strategic guidance and ongoing management of your Schema Markup, so your SEO team can focus on other tasks.

Schema Markup Expertise


We have the expertise on our team to help you create and implement a custom semantic Schema Markup strategy, and provide guidance to futureproof your organization for AI search.

Execute with Agility


We provide you with an assigned Customer Success Manager who executes and proactively maintains your Schema Markup, partnering with your SEO team to get results.

Get Results from your Schema Markup process


We monitor the performance of Schema Markup on your website and provide timely recommendations. That way, you can achieve your goals and demonstrate the value of Schema Markup to your stakeholders.

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help you futureproof for AI and drive results