Enabling The Schema Markup Process with Automation

We’ll partner with you every step of the way to deploy the most effective Schema Markup. Applying markup to your data is just the beginning.  Use your structured data to make informed business decisions and repurpose it for use with leading edge technologies.

Strategy and World Class Support

Schema Markup isn’t easy, but we’ll work together every step of the way

Strategy:  Together we’ll establish objectives, roles & responsibilities, timelines, priorities and define success with agreed-upon metrics.

Personalized onboarding: You’ll get one-on-one time with a Customer Support Manager who will help to determine the best Schema markup for your website and will get you started in the tool.

  • Be Found – Improve your rank
  • Stand Out –To your target audience
  • Improve Brand Control– The way you are represented in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Become the “Authority” – On a certain subject
  • Gain More Insights – Through deeper analytics
  • Be Ready For Future Technologies

Create Markup

Schema App Editor – Generate Schema Markup for a single page without writing code

How it works
  1. Choose the primary Schema class from the “tree” or search for it by name.
  2. The Editor retrieves all “required” and “recommended” fields plus any other Schema property you could dream of.
  3. Fill in the fields that are represented on your website.
  4. The tool generates the code and through an integration automatically sends the code to the website. 
Why it’s great
  • Simple to use
  • No technical experience required
  • Entire schema.org vocabulary + extensions
  • Notified of errors right away
  • Retrieve the JSON-LD code with a click
  • Validate with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool with a click
  • Deploys on any platform

Schema App Highlighter – Deploy Schema Markup to 100s or 1000s of pages in minutes without writing code

How it works
  1. Select the page templates you want to mark up.
  2. Load a chosen page and select the Schema markup class.
  3. Map each of the elements on the page to the Schema markup properties.
  4. Define the pattern for each template
  5. Review and deploy.

Learn More about the Highlighter

What You’ll Love
  • Optimize template pages with no coding
  • Create “connected” markup at scale
  • Unlike the Google Highlighter, It:
    • Contains the entire schema.org vocabulary + extensions (e.g. health, automotive, finance, etc).
    • Is visible to all Search Engines & Assistants
    • Allows you to Control where your markup resides
Managed Services are available to customers who do not want to mark up their own content.
Our Robust on-demand training videos offer you the opportunity to learn as much or as little as you’d like about Schema Markup.

Deploy…without IT

Every Website…Every Platform

Schema App automatically deploys Schema markup to your website, saving you time in development costs and accelerating time-to-market and enabling updates to be done in minutes.

Depending on the platform you use, there are several options for integration, ranging from Plugins (that allow you to take advantage of automated markup) to Tags to custom integration.  We’ve never encountered a website we couldn’t optimize.

Most Commonly Supported

Automatic Deployment: WordPress Advanced Plugin with Woo Commerce, Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, Drupal Plugin, Adobe DTM, Google Merchant Feed.

Custom Integration: Custom Caching and Data Feed Integration

Shopify and Big Commerce

Learn more about Deployment Options



Together we’ll test, measure and review the status of the markup.

We’ll compare results against the pre-established metrics, fine-tune and identify the next priority to ensure your ongoing digital success.

Ongoing Support 

Customer Support Manager – Regularly scheduled review sessions and strategy discussions for Enterprise Customers.

Always Learning and Teaching – We’re tapped into the market trends, and community of experts. Read our newsletters, watch our videos listen to our podcasts and learn with us.

Maintain Your Schema Health

Health Checks

Google makes frequent changes. Monitor the extent and quality of your Schema markup and highlight areas for improvement.

Quality Schema markup = Better Results

Software maintenance typically contributes to ~75% of the total cost of ownership. Let us stay on top of the updates for you, without bothering IT.

How it works
  1. We crawl your entire site to understand the health of your markup.
  2. We discover both JSON-LD and Microdata and tell you if there are errors or warnings based on the Google required and recommended properties.
  3. Use it to report on the progress and coverage of your Schema markup strategy.

Enhanced Analytics – Make Informed Business Decisions

Answer Questions Like This
  1. Is there a correlation between conversions and aggregate rating? Should you invest in getting more reviews?
  2. Does a hotel room that’s pet-friendly drive more traffic? Should you make more rooms pet-friendly?
  3. Are some services more successful than others? Should we make those services available at all locations?
  4. Which blog author does the best job of capturing audience engagement?
Boost Your Business Intelligence With Insights From Structured Data

Analytics – Core (In Beta)

Four out-of-the-box queries that capture properties for Products, Locations, Events &  Articles/Blogs.  Each report contains 2-5 pre-determined Schema properties. The data can then be incorporated into Google Analytics where you can add it to existing reports as a custom dimension.

Analytics – Custom (Coming Soon!)

If you’ve marked it up, we can report on it. You choose the Schema Classes and associated properties. Add these custom dimensions to any Google Analytics Report.

Learn more

Re-Use and Accelerate

Connected Schema Markup Tells a Story

Instead of islands of structured data, our tools connect your data together so that a search engine can explicitly understand everything about your company and how it relates to one another.  For instance, a large company could connect their corporate presence to their people, to their branches, to their products, and so on. 

When you connect your data, you can re-purpose it to accelerate learning for Chatbots, augmenting onsite search and more. More importantly, you’ll have a jump start in taking advantage of future technologies we don’t even have a line of sight to yet!

Imagine the Possibilities

As people interact with data beyond the laptop and phone, you’ll be ready. Be visible and repurpose your data to reduce costs. Before future technologies become prevalent, you’ll be ready.

  • Voice prominence
  • Screens everywhere (billboards, appliances, cars, watches, etc)
  • Chatbots and AI
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality


Prepare for the Future

In the next 3-5 years, the internet won’t be contained to laptops and phones. Data will surround us on every billboard, bus stop and screen.

We don’t know everything that’s coming down the pipe but we do know that to be found everywhere, your data needs to be portable. Structuring your data is the first step to ensure that you are ready for future technologies.

*Please reference the pricing page to determine which elements are included with each service package.

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