Schema App Solutions For All Websites

What kind of Schema App Experience are you looking for?

Managed Schema App Experience

Work with Schema App’s expert team to add structured data to your website  to lead you from strategy to results with speed and agility. The tools included scale to your website’s needs. Learn how to maximize the opportunity with structured data through content recommendations and measure the value to your business.

Managed Schema App Experience Includes:

  • Schema App Highlighter 
  • Schema App Editor
  • Regular engagement with a schema markup expert team (dedicated Customer Success Manager)
  • Customized strategy for setup
  • Ongoing Strategy + Content Recommendations
  • Regular Measurement of Outcomes through Enhanced Analytics Reporting, and Schema Performance Analytics
  • Pricing starts at $800/month plus setup

Self-Service Experience

Create schema markup page-by-page, at your own pace, without writing any code using the Schema App Editor. Self service is done through our pro subscription package and starts with a 14 day free trial and 30 minute onboarding session.

Pro Subscription Package includes:

What Kind of Website Are You Optimizing?

We have diverse ways of integrating our structured data solutions with your website.

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Maintain Your Schema Health

With the Schema App Analyzer

Schema Markup Needs To Be Maintained

Monitor the extent and quality of your schema markup and highlight areas for improvement with the Schema App Analyzer.

Eligibility for Rich Results

The Analyzer tells you if there are errors or warnings impacting your eligibility for Google’s Rich Results features. Our tools have the most up-to-date vocabulary, and reflect any search engine updates that impact your markup.

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