Schema App Solutions For All Websites

Schema App Editor

Markup one page at a time without writing any code

Why you will love it:
  • Simple to use
  • No technical experience required
  • Deploys on any website platform
  • Immediate error notifications
  • Contains entire up-to-date vocabulary + extensions
  • Retrieve the JSON-LD code with a click
  • Built-in validation with Google’s Testing Tools

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How to use the Schema App Editor:
  • Choose the primary schema type from the “tree” or search for it by name
  • Fill in the required and recommended fields for rich result eligibility. Further enhance your markup with any other properties to describe the content on your website. 
  • The tool generates the code and through an integration automatically sends the code to the webpage. 
  • Deploys on any platform

Schema App Highlighter

Markup to 1000’s of pages in minutes without writing code

Why you will love it:
  • Generate markup quickly and at scale
  • Easy to maintain for any content updates 
  • Automatic markup for dynamic content
  • Simple to use
  • No technical experience required
  • Deploys on any website platform
  • Contains the entire up-to-date vocabulary + extensions
  • Able to validate with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool

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How to use the Schema App Highlighter:
  1. Select a page that represents a group of pages you want to mark up.
  2. Load the chosen page into the Highlighter  and select the appropriate schema class.
  3. Map each of the elements on the page to the desired schema properties.
  4. Define the parameters for where the template should deploy.
  5. Review your template across a few examples, and set to Publish.

Integrates Easily With All Websites

Because of our integrations with Tag Manager, Javascript, and/or our custom add-ons 

Every Website…Every Platform

Schema App automatically deploys Schema markup to your website, saving you time in development costs and accelerating time-to-market and enabling updates to be done in minutes.

Depending on the platform you use, there are several options for integration, ranging from Plugins (that allow you to take advantage of automated markup) to Tags to custom integration.  We’ve never encountered a website we couldn’t optimize.

Automatic Deployment:

WordPress Advanced Plugin with Woo Commerce, Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, Drupal Plugin, Adobe DTM, Google Merchant Feed.

Custom Integration: Custom Caching and Data Feed Integration

Click to learn about Shopify, WordPress Plugin, and Big Commerce

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Schema markup is Complicated

Our Professional Services will make getting started easier!

Customer Success

Our highest priority is satisfying our customers

We are Experts in schema markup

We want your schema markup to be successful.  We take time to understand your business objectives and develop your schema markup strategy. Together we will test, measure, and review the status of the markup.

We will compare results against the pre-established metrics, fine-tune and identify the next priority to ensure your ongoing digital success.

Learn More about the ROI of schema markup

Ongoing Support 

Customer Support Manager – Regularly scheduled review sessions and strategy discussions for Enterprise Customers.

Always Learning and Teaching – We’re tapped into the market trends, and community of experts. Read our newsletters, watch our videos listen to our podcasts and learn with us.

Maintain Your Schema Health

Quality schema markup = Better Results

Designed to crawl and verify the schema markup across your entire website

Google makes frequent changes. Monitor the extent and quality of your schema markup and highlight areas for improvement.

It analyzes both JSON-LD and Microdata and tells you if there are errors or warnings impacting your eligibility for Google’s Rich Result features.  Our tools have the most up-to-date vocabulary + all extensions, and reflect any search engine updates that impact your markup.  

How it Works

When you run the Analyzer on a site, it looks for all the “things” that have been optimized on the page with JSON-LD or Microdata.  

Data provided by the Schema Markup Analyzer

  • Pages Visited: Total number of pages crawled on your site.
  • Pages with Schema Markup: Total number of pages containing schema markup. Does not have to be unique schema markup
  • Errors and warnings:  List of the errors, warnings impacting  each instance of a schema type.

Schema Performance Analytics

Make Informed Business Decisions

Answer Questions Like This
  1. Is there a correlation between conversions and aggregate rating? Should you invest in getting more reviews?
  2. Does a hotel room that’s pet-friendly drive more traffic? Should you make more rooms pet-friendly?
  3. Are some services more successful than others? Should we make those services available at all locations?
  4. Which blog author does the best job of capturing audience engagement?
Boost Your Business Intelligence With Insights From Structured Data

Analytics – Core (In Beta)

Four out-of-the-box queries that capture properties for Products, Locations, Events &  Articles/Blogs.  Each report contains 2-5 pre-determined Schema properties. The data can then be incorporated into Google Analytics where you can add it to existing reports as a custom dimension.

Analytics – Custom (Coming Soon!)

If you’ve marked it up, we can report on it. You choose the Schema Classes and associated properties. Add these custom dimensions to any Google Analytics Report.

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