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Create structured data for your website using Schema App’s expert solutions. Structured data makes your content eligible for rich results in search, driving more engagement, more conversions, and more quality search traffic.

Schema App Solutions

We provide expert structured data solutions

Schema App Editor

Schema App Highlighter

Schema App Editor

Work with a structured data expert who will markup your website for you, and help you with your strategy to meet ROI goals.

Markup one page at a time without writing any code

Let us show you how our schema markup solutions work

Integrates Easily With All Websites

Because of our integrations with Tag Manager, Javascript, and/or our custom add-ons

Depending on the platform you use, there are several options to choose from.

Plugin Solutions

Looking for professional services?

Structured data is complicated. Our Professional Services Solution offers a full-service enterprise schema markup solution and support from an expert customer success team.

Our professional services will make getting started easier!

Maintain Your Schema Health

With the Schema App Analyzer

Schema Markup Needs To Be Maintained
Monitor the extent and quality of your schema markup and highlight areas for improvement with the Schema App Analyzer.
Eligibility for Rich Results
The Analyzer tells you if there are errors or warnings impacting your eligibility for Google’s Rich Results features. Our tools have the most up-to-date vocabulary, and reflect any search engine updates that impact your markup.

Schema Performance Analytics

Make Informed Business Decisions

Cutting-edge, enhanced performance analytics to boost your business intelligence from structured data.

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