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How Sharp Healthcare achieved an 843% increase in clicks from Structured Data

Sharp HealthCare is a leading not-for-profit health system based in San Diego, California, with approximately 2,600 physicians and more than 18,000 employees. 

increase in clicks over a 9-month period

increase in impressions over a 9-month period


Limited access to IT resources to implement Schema Markup

Sharp HealthCare’s objective was to extend “The Sharp Experience” into search. They wanted to make their content easily accessible to potential and current patients, so Sharp displays as the first option for all their health care needs.

They agreed Schema Markup was the strategy to achieve this. However, they had limited access to developer resources and wanted to be able to fully leverage Schema Markup opportunities. They searched for an agile Schema Markup solution and expert support to solve their challenge and found Schema App.


Achieving a variety of Rich Results

Schema App created a Schema Markup strategy targeting Sharp Healthcare’s Physicians, Medical Services, Recipe and Health News article pages, where they saw tremendous results. Sharp HealthCare has found Schema App to be a valuable partner on their journey to bring content to its customers through search.

Zero dependency on IT

Schema App was also able to help Sharp Healthcare implement Schema Markup across the Sharp HealthCare website without a need for their web development team. Furthermore, Sharp Healthcare could leverage the Schema App team for ongoing technical support and Schema Markup expertise to guide their Schema Markup implementation.

Rich Results Achieved

Schema App always goes the extra mile to be solution-oriented and always comes up with a solution, which is so helpful. Our Customer Success Manager always stays ahead and pays attention to the details. I’ve learned so much from them. Schema App is really being a partner through it all, not just fulfilling a task.

Rachael Jones - Sharp HealthCare

Rachael Jones

SEO Strategist

Sharp Healthcare


Sharp HealthCare saw a 45% increase in clicks and a 68% increase in impressions sitewide after the addition of Schema Markup, including on their Physician and Medical Services pages.

Their health news articles have particularly seen tremendous results, where Schema Markup helps the search engine to understand the content explicitly, and users are more likely to find the content in search.

Over a 9-month period, Sharp Healthcare saw:

  • 556% increase in impressions
  • 843% increase in clicks

See how Schema App can help your business leverage Schema Markup to stand out in search.