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Leverage our Schema App platform and Schema Markup Experts to execute your semantic Schema Markup strategy, develop your marketing knowledge graph and drive performance in search.

Drive Agility and AI Search Performance with Schema App

Schema Markup, also known as Structured Data, is a language used by search engines to better understand the content on your website.

Schema App’s end-to-end Schema Markup solution will help you develop a Schema Markup strategy that captures rich results and clearly describes the entities on your site and their relationship to other things on the web. When search engines understand the content on your site, they can better align it to the searcher’s query and drive more quality traffic to your site.


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Implement Advanced Schema Markup at Scale

With the Schema App Highlighter, SEO teams can automatically generate and deploy dynamic Schema Markup to thousands of pages on the site within minutes without having to involve developers or the IT team.

consolidates all the Schema Markup into your very own RDF Graph

Develop Your Reusable Knowledge Graph

Implement semantic Schema Markup on your site to develop a reusable knowledge graph using our semantic technology platform guided by our expert team. Get a rich reusable data layer that can improve search engine accuracy and train your LLM with domain-specific, contexualized data.

Dedicated Support & Schema Markup Expertise

Get access to a Schema Markup expert who acts as an extension of your SEO team. Your customer success manager enabled with our Enterprise tools can create, deploy and manage your Schema Markup and knowledge graph so that your team stays agile and stress-free while getting results.

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Get Measurable Return on Investment

Measure the impact of Schema Markup on your desired outcomes through our quarterly business reviews and Schema Performance Analytics tool to ensure your website is generating the largest ROI and your knowledge graph is healthy.

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Why Companies Choose Schema App

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Get Schema Markup Expertise

Schema Markup Expertise

We provide you with the expertise you need to develop and execute a successful semantic schema markup strategy to drive traffic.

Integrates with all sites

Integrate With All Websites

Our Schema App platform integrates with any website, allowing your team to author, update and deploy your markups within a matter of minutes.

Reduce dependency on IT

Increase Agility & Reduce IT Dependency

Upon integration with our platform, your SEO team will no longer depend on your IT team to implement and manage your Schema Markup.

Why Companies Choose to Work with Schema App - Deploy schema markup at scale

Scalable Schema Markup solution

Our authoring tools dynamically generate and deploy customized Schema Markup across hundreds of pages, allowing you to manage your markup with ease.

Futureproof for AI

Futureproof for AI

We implement semantic Schema Markup and connect the various entities on your site to help you create a reusable knowledge graph and futureproof your organization for AI search.

Evolve with the seo world

Evolve with the SEO World

As the world of search evolves, our team will guide your team on how to navigate the changes and transform your content and markup to stay competitive and drive results.

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Schema Markup 101 training

Schema Markup Training Course by Schema App

Sign up for our free training courses to build your fundamental knowledge about Schema Markup and our Schema App platform.

Prepare for ai search ebook

Strategies & Insights to Prepare for AI Search

A must-read for SEO teams looking to adapt their SEO strategies to meet the demands of generative AI search and stay competitive.

Schema App semantic tools and technologies

Schema App’s Semantic Technologies

Explore the tools and features that Schema App utilizes to develop your knowledge graph.

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