Schema Markup is complicated. We’ve got you covered.

Schema App is an enterprise-grade solution that works for all websites, all content, without a developer. 

Schema Dots

Schema Markup (aka Structured Data) helps search engines explicitly understand your website content so that you can be found and stand out online. Learn more.

Schema App empowers the Digital Marketer to own their schema markup strategy through to implementation without ever writing code. Produce quality, connected schema markup at scale in a fraction of the time.


We make it easy & save you time
Anyone can look like a Schema markup expert with our user-friendly tools. We’ll help you with strategy, implementation, and support and have you marking up 1000s of pages in minutes.

We connect your data (versus having islands of Schema Markup)
So that search engines explicitly understand what you are about and so that you can re-purpose your data for use with Knowledge Graphs, Chatbots, etc.

Business Intelligence
We’ll show you where you are having the greatest impact in “search” so you can double down in those areas.

You’ll be in Good Company

Hundreds of customers have trusted us to manage their Schema markup and approximately 10,000,000 websites (~ 37%) have some sort of Schema markup on them. In this area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Schema App has the most comprehensive solution.

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Schema Markup is complicated. We are committed to help you understand it. Here's a link to get you started.

If your online presence is important to your success then you need Schema Markup.

  1. Google Recommends It! Google advocates the adoption of Schema Markup (aka structured data). Don’t believe us, read the interview.
  2. Be Found! The search engines explicitly understand who you are and what you are about and can, therefore, match your content to an inquiry.
  3. Rich Results attracts the eye, which leads to more impressions, clicks, a higher click-through rate and ultimately more revenue.
  4. Future-proof your content by ensuring that it is understood by leading-edge technologies such as chatbots, voice, and whatever else the future brings.

Use Schema App to market your organization, products, services, sales promotions, people, events, articles, videos, job openings … anything that is important to the success of your business. Sounds great, but what is Schema markup?

Why Schema App?

3 Pillars of Value

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Schema Markup

  • Drives business results
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces spend on advertising
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  • Correlate Results
  • Accelerate and automate some aspects of decision-making
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Improve speed & agility
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Future Proof

  • Voice prominence
  • Screens everywhere (billboards, appliances, cars, watches, etc)
  • Chatbots and AI
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Schema App Advantage

  • Simple – User-friendly templates; Immediate feedback regarding errors, suggestions, and enhancements
  • Scalable –  Deploy code to 100s or 1000s of pages in minutes
  • Time-to-Market – Empower your Digital Marketing team to do the Schema markup
  • Redeploy IT – to work on higher valued tasks
  • Amazing support –  Strategy, implementation, training and ongoing support
  • Secure – You own your work-product and are in full control of strategy, content, and deployment
  • Analytics – for every field you’ve tagged, coupled with Google Analytics
  • Future Proof – You’re ready to take advantage of the next big thing

How it Works

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