Creating “CollectionPage” Schema Markup using the Schema App Editor

Often, selecting a schema.org type to define a web page is pretty straightforward; if there’s price and quantity information, it’s probably a Product; author and date published information? likely an Article. But what about those pages that have many different types of content without a main focus? Enter the CollectionPage.…
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Ultimate How-to Guide for Local Business Schema Markup

There’s something satisfying about searching for a business and finding all the information you want presented in an attractive knowledge panel. Have you wondered how to make your own business eligible for this kind of search experience? We’ve compiled this ultimate guide to teach you all you need to know…
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Creating "Product" Schema Markup Using the Schema App Highlighter

Creating “Product” Schema Markup Using the Schema App Highlighter

Adding schema markup to your Product pages will make them eligible for rich results in search, increasing visibility and engagement with the right users. However, manually adding markup to your product pages can be time consuming, especially if they number in the hundreds or thousands. Fortunately, our Highlighter tool enables…
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