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Stand out against your competitors using Schema Markup

Healthcare is a competitive industry and health systems need to focus on strategies that drive brand awareness and appointments. See how Schema App can help your organization achieve those goals through Schema Markup.

Schema Markup services for hospital networks and health systems

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Stay ahead of your competitors

Build a Schema Markup strategy that helps your organization stand out from competitors on the search engine results page and captures the attention of your customers at the start of their health journey.

Delight your network’s physicians

Leverage Schema Markup to showcase your physicians’ expertise through FAQs, Videos, Images and Reviews in the search result. Get a higher click-through rate to your physician’s detail pages through rich results and get more appointments.

Get Measurable Results & ROI

Track the impact of your Schema Markup efforts on key metrics such as clicks, impressions, and click-through rates to get visibility on the ROI and contribution to your network goals.

Carolina Anthony
Executive Director of Digital Brands and Content Strategy

We’ve seen astronomical growth through our work with Schema App. Our clicks from rich results were up 25% in Q1, our impressions from rich results were up 30% and we’ve driven close to 15 million organic sessions just from rich results. I don’t think we would get these sorts of results without our partnership with Schema App. Schema App is like an extension of the AdventHealth team.

Optimize your website at scale

Optimize thousands of pages within minutes using our Schema App Highlighter, and achieve rich results such as Reviews, FAQs and more to drive traffic and increase online bookings through your website.

Schema App Solutions – High touch support services

Get faster results by working with Schema Markup Experts

Get a dedicated Schema App Customer Success Manager that will support your team from strategy to results. Your SEO team no longer has to spend time learning about structured data and can focus on seeing their strategy come to life.

Reduce Dependency on IT

Integrate your website or CMS with our Schema App Editor and Highlighter for easy generation and deployment of your Schema Markup. Your SEO team will no longer need support from your developer or IT team to support with Schema Markup.

Create your knowledge graph through our built-in semantic technology

Create your knowledge graph through our built-in semantic technology

Futureproof your SEO by applying properly nested and connected Schema Markup. Using our built-in semantic technology, your Customer Success Manager will help you connect the entities across your site and store your data in a re-usable knowledge graph making your site ready to train AI Search, and other AI capabilities.

Built for Enterprise Teams

Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations

Compliant with Enterprise Security Standards

Compliant with HIPAA Regulations

Ability to work within Complex Web Architecture

See how our End-to-End Schema App Solution can help grow your organic search results

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