A scalable structured data
solution with measurable results

The Schema App Highlighter scales connected schema markup across any platform, without IT.

We optimize MILLIONS of pages so our customers get more clicks.

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The Schema App Highlighter creates customized structured data with agility at scale.

SCALE: The Schema App Highlighter optimizes groups of pages with a similar layout (ex. blog, products, services, industries, locations) with any and all vocabulary to maximize your clicks from rich results. Once set up, any existing and new pages published will be optimized.

CUSTOMIZED: The Schema App Highlighter can optimize any type of content to help it stand out in search using basic schema markup or advanced strategies. We’ve got you covered!

AGILITY: The Schema App Highlighter requires no experience writing JSON-LD or code. Let the Highlighter do the hard work for you, so you can focus on strategy. Once integration with your website is set up, your SEO team can update, change, or optimize your structured data—no IT or devs required!

Schema App Highlighter

Combine technology & expertise to maximize results


Powerful enough to mark up ten or ten thousand pages in minutes.

  • Optimize page sets with a similar layout by highlighting elements of the page and mapping them to properties.
  • Create “connected” markup at scale.
  • Use the entire vocabulary + extensions (e.g. health, automotive, finance, etc.).
  • Link entities.
  • Deploy to any platform.
  • Update your structured data in minutes.
Software Plus Support

We remove the complexity of structured data so you can focus on strategy.

  • Partner with a schema markup expert from our Customer Success team.
  • Develop your customized structured data strategy aligned with your online business goals.
  • High-touch support with metrics powered by Schema Performance Analytics.
  • Coaching on content to achieve rich results.
  • Detailed knowledge base.

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