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Deploy and manage your Schema Markup at scale without the complexity

Use the Schema App Highlighter to customize your semantic Schema Markup and deploy it to thousands of similar templated pages on your website within minutes.

Schema App Highlighter – Interface

Create customized Schema Markup for Scale and Agility

Deploying and managing Schema Markup across thousands of pages can be tedious. As your website content evolves, IT teams often lack the expertise and resource required to build and maintain proper Schema Markup.

The Schema App Highlighter solves that by allowing users to create Schema Markup templates that can easily be updated when content changes are made and stay agile. 

As part of our Schema App Solution, our Customer Success Managers will help you create and manage your Schema Markup templates on the Highlighter. You no longer have to deploy and manage your Schema Markup on a page-by-page basis.

Image of Schema App highlighter deploying schema markup to thousands of pages dynamically

Deploy semantic Schema Markup at scale

The Schema App Highlighter is a scalable Schema Markup generator and deployment tool. It contains the entire vocabulary and extensions. Users can easily create Schema Markup templates for pages with similar layouts (i.e. blog, locations, physicians, products, etc.), link entities within their site, and deploy the Schema Markup to these pages without relying on the IT team.

Built-in semantics

Use the Omni Linked Entity Recognition (LER) feature on the Highlighter to automatically identify entities on the page and link them to Google’s knowledge graph, Wikipedia, and Wikidata definitions. Entity linking adds more context to your content, so Google can understand the content on your page and better match it to the user’s search intent.

Image of Schema App's semantic technology
Image of Schema App Highlighter updating Schema markup dynamically

Update your Schema Markup Dynamically

After the initial setup, the Highlighter will dynamically generate and deploy the Schema Markup based on the content on your page. Your SEO team can easily make changes to page content without having to worry about manual coding errors or schema drift.

Target any Rich Result

The Schema App Highlighter allows you to target any Google Rich Result search feature. If your content makes you eligible for more than one, even better. Use the Highlighter to define the pageset topic (eg. blog, locations, physicians, products, etc.) and then select the content to make you eligible for one or more rich results.

Image of different types of rich results on Google
image of Schema App's customer success managers

Expert Guidance

When you work with Schema App, you’ll get an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help you create your Schema Markup strategy and set up your Schema Markup templates on the Highlighter. An extension of your SEO team, your CSM will work with you to manage your Schema Markup and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Manage your semantic Schema Markup strategy at scale without the stress.

How the Schema App Highlighter Works

How the Schema App Highlighter works - Step1

Step 1.

Select a page that represents many similar pages that you want to markup, and choose the appropriate class (eg. Product, Physician, LocalBusiness, BlogPosting, etc).

Step 2.

Highlight each element on the page and select the property that best describes the highlighted content to create your Schema Markup template.

Step 3.

Define the set of pages you want the template to apply to using URL, Regex or XPath patterns.

Step 4.

Review the template to ensure the correct Schema Markup is generated on all test pages, and hit publish.

The Schema App Highlighter works with all websites and CMSs

Image of Schema App tools training

Schema App Tools Training Course

Learn how to use our Editor and Highlighter to author and deploy your Schema Markup strategy.

Image of guide to connected schema markup ebook

Guide to Connected Schema Markup

A must-read for SEOs that want to learn how to link the entities on their site to improve their semantic SEO strategy.

How to Manage Your Schema Markup

Dive into the strategies you can implement to manage your Schema Markup for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manage your semantic Schema Markup strategy at scale without the stress.

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