Schema App Highlighter

Work with Schema App’s expert team to add structured data to your website.

The Schema App Highlighter empowers you to mark up ten or ten thousand pages in minutes. You will be matched with a Customer Success Manager who will work with you to develop a customized schema strategy aligned with your online business goals. Your CSM will not only deploy and maintain your schema markup, but will provide content recommendations to maximize your results from structured data.

We remove the complexity of structured data so you can focus on strategy. Are you ready to get started?

Schema App Highlighter Vs. Google Data Highlighter

Schema App Highlighter

  • Visible to All Search Engines & Assistants

    Schema Markup can be seen by all search engines, Assistants and new machines seeking to understand your content.

  • All Schema Classes & Properties

    Use any schema class and all schema properties. This includes extensions for Health and Medical, Fibo, and schema markup pending. Vocabulary is updated within 24 hours of new releases.

  • You are in Control

    You create the markup you want, deploy it where you want, and SEE the markup on your site.

  • Builds Knowledge Graphs

    Create schema markup for a template, and connect it to existing entities (data items), or to other things on the web. Build and manage a true knowledge graph.

Google Data Highlighter

  • Only Visible to Google

    Schema Markup is only visible to Google. Bing, Alexa and other new devices cannot use Schema Markup.

  • Limited Schema Classes and Properties

    Includes Schema Classes for a subset of Google features, and only basic properties.

  • Google is in Control

    Submit your information to Google, and Google decides how to use it. Not open data.

  • Builds Islands of Schema Markup

    Creates schema markup on a page. Doesn’t enable you to connect it across your website to build a knowledge graph.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Optimize template pages with no coding.
  • Create “connected” markup at scale.
  • Contains the entire vocabulary + extensions (e.g. health, automotive, finance, etc.).
  • Can be visible to all search engines and assistants.
  • You can control where your markup resides.
Schema App Highlighter

How the Schema App Highlighter Works

  1. Select the page templates you want to mark up.
  2. Load a chosen page and select the appropriate schema class.
  3. Map each of the elements on the page to the schema markup properties.
  4. Define the pattern for each template.
  5. Review and deploy.

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