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“Our work with Schema App has delivered tangible results. In 2019 Schema App optimized more than 4 million pages over 7 websites, resulting in more than  400% net growth in rich results organic traffic.  Schema App makes schema markup easy.”

Kathy Visser-May
Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, SAP

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“With the addition of Schema markup on the U.S. website, Keen Footwear is on pace to hit 20% year-over-year organic growth”

Havalah Gholdston
SEO Manager

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“Schema has become the future of search and is rapidly evolving. As customers continue to shift their shopping habits, search engine optimization has become even more pivotal to our growing business. Home Hardware is an industry leader in this space and Schema App has made it effortless to stay on top of all the changes.”

Trevor Heal
eCommerce Product Manager

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“Going the extra mile to be solution oriented and always coming up with a solution is so helpful. (You are) always staying ahead and paying attention to the details. I’ve learned so much. (You’re) really being a partner through it all, not just fulfilling a task.”

Rachael Jones
SEO Strategist

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“Our partnership with Schema App reassures us that this important component of our SEO strategy is being managed. The data we have been able to get out of this is great. Providers love to see how good their marked up listings look in search results. It’s great evidence of the work we do behind the scenes to increase visibility in our market.”

Julie Goldstein-Dunn
Manager, Marketing, SEO, SEM & Analytics

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“We have seen significant increases in how our physicians are being found. Physician bio clips increased 90% from 150,000 clicks to about 285,000 clicks and we saw a 38% increase in the click-through rate of the search results as well”

Brandi West
Executive Director, Digital Brand & Content Strategy I Digital Marketing

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“With Schema App, Whitaker Brothers has enjoyed 33.60% more transactions and 36.82% more revenue”

Dave Williams
eCommerce and Marketing

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“Compared to manual markup, Schema App is 20x faster!”

Kyle KonetInbound
Marketing Director

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5 stars

Not long ago, we dreaded doing Schema Markup

“Not that long ago, we dreaded schema markup.  So we used a Local SEO plugin to handle our markup, but it did a horrible job.  Then one day we came across all the Schema App training videos on Youtube.  After watching their videos and working in Schema App for a couple of hours we were on our way to creating comprehensive, error free schema markup.  The Schema App is extremely beneficial to us, because it allows us to create schema for our clients quickly.  It can take someone whom has limited knowledge of schema and turn them into a pro within a matter of hours.  The other thing we love about the Schema App service is they let us know as soon as Google makes changes in the way Google wants to see schema for local businesses.  The Schema App team does an amazing job!  We would highly recommend Schema App to anyone looking to improve their Schema – quickly!”

Shawn Grant, Managing Consultant, Accelerate Marketing

5 stars

Schema App allows us to quickly maintain high-quality Schema markup across all of our client’s pages.

Bipper Media creates and optimizes hundreds of City Pages for clients and we needed a way to create, deploy, and manage Schema markup at scale. Schema App is by far the best Schema markup management tool available. One of the features we love about Schema App is the ability to troubleshoot the markup and quickly see ‘errors’ and ‘warnings’ across all of our data type, this allows us to quickly maintain high-quality Schema markup across all of our client’s pages.

Bobby Holland, Founder / CEO, BipperMedia

5 stars

Now we’re able to strategically incorporate schema into our content-production process.

Schema App is awesome! This tool has made it possible for our small team of digital marketers to get a handle on how to use structured data markup to enhance our content. Now we’re able to strategically incorporate schema into our content-production process and take care of the markup and deployment steps efficiently within our team.

Jared Hoffmann, Digital Marketing Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Four and a half stars

Schema App lets you focus on Schema Strategy

Schema is incredibly complex and nuanced.  Understanding the what and why of the properties is hard enough without spending time finding that one misplaced comma that is making your markup invalid or remembering all the new entities you created to define one new page.  And God forbid there is a change to the organization information.   Schema App lets you focus on Schema strategy. It takes care of the details of implementation.  Martha and her team at Hunch Manifest have been incredibly supportive and quick to respond with knowledgeable answers.  No question was too small and I could tell they were replying from experience and a deep understanding of how should work and also how it is currently working. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Ryan, Director of Support Services, Large US-based Digital Marketing Agency

Schema App is at the forefront of schema markup strategy and implementation, providing enterprise solutions to some of the top clients across the world. To learn more about our structured data solutions and how we can help you reach your online business goals, contact our expert team. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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