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How Marshfield Clinic Leveraged Schema Markup to Improve Search Traffic & Prepare for AI Search

Marshfield Clinic Health System is an integrated health system serving Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Its mission is to enrich lives through accessible, affordable, and compassionate healthcare.

The system comprises 1,600 providers with 170 specialties, a health plan, and research and education programs. It operates over 60 Marshfield Clinic locations, 11 hospitals, Marshfield Children’s Hospital, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, Security Health Plan, and Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation​.

Increase in CTR when Review Snippet was awarded

Increase in CTR for targeted queries when entity linking was performed with Schema App’s Omni LER feature

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, American health systems are continuously seeking innovative and impactful marketing strategies to invest in, aiming to achieve results and maintain a competitive edge.

Katie Schneekloth, Marshfield Clinic’s Lead Digital Marketing Strategist, focuses on patient acquisition and retention through digital channels while enhancing the overall digital experience for patients. She manages the organization’s digital marketing initiatives and collaborates with a wide variety of internal departments and strategic partners to execute these strategies.

During a review of organic search traffic from 2021 to 2022, Katie observed a 30% decline in organic traffic. She and her team promptly began investigating the reasons for this decline and strategizing ways to reverse the trend. Improving their Schema Markup emerged as one of the essential tactics to enhance traffic and visibility.

Beyond improving search metrics, Katie knew that as AI advanced and search became more semantic, having Schema Markup was not only SEO best practice but also what was going to set them apart competitively and allow them to get ahead of the AI curve.


Lack of Internal Resources & Expertise to Manage Markup at Scale

Initially, Marshfield Clinic attempted to implement Schema Markup internally, and they had successfully implemented Schema Markup on their physician pages to attain Review Snippets. However, implementing Schema Markup at scale across their site proved to be more challenging than they thought due to resource constraints and a lack of expertise within their small marketing team.

That said, they were determined to find a solution that would help them implement and manage the Schema Markup on their site at scale and provide their team with guidance to maximize this SEO tactic. After thorough research, Schema App was chosen as the optimal solution.

We wanted a strategic partner who could guide our implementation of Schema Markup, be the hands-on resource to expand upon the markup we already implemented, and maintain all the markup on the site. Schema App checked all of those boxes for us plus some.”

– Katie Schneekloth, Lead Digital Marketing Strategist, Marshfield Clinic


Access to Schema Markup Best Practices & Timely Industry News

When Marshfield Clinic sought out a Schema Markup solution, they ultimately wanted a strategic partner who was an expert in Schema Markup to guide them through a managed process. This need was more than just about implementing Schema Markup; it was about ensuring that they stayed ahead of industry trends and utilized the most effective practices available.

Through their partnership with Schema App, Marshfield received exactly what they needed.

They were assigned a Schema App Customer Success Manager (CSM), who started off the engagement by helping them to author and deploy accurate Schema Markup to their services, location, and physician pages. Their CSM also connected the key entities on their site, which enabled Marshfield to develop their content knowledge graph.

After the initial implementation, Katie and her team regularly met with their CSM, who brought industry best practices, content recommendations, and strategic insights to every conversation.

We 100% rely on our CSM and their expertise. We need someone doing the technical work for us and bringing strategy into the conversation. They tell us what they’re seeing from an expert perspective, and share best practices to navigate and leverage any changes. They also point out different things evolving in AI and the search industry as a whole. I see a lot of value in having that in a partner to help decipher what’s important and call it out to us.
– Katie Schneekloth

Strategic Content Recommendations

Marshfield’s partnership with Schema App gave them access to content best practices that helped them improve their markup.

Location Pages
Previously, Marshfield Clinic’s location pages displayed hours of operation that were not aligned with’s time format. Following their CSM’s recommendations, Marshfield Clinic restructured their hours of operation to align with’s preferred formatting.

This straightforward adjustment proved essential: “This is such a simple fix, but we would have never improved this had we not known. There is so much low-hanging fruit we missed out on until we had an expert pointing it all out and knowing what to call out.”

Physicians Pages
Schema App also recommended adding content regarding each physician’s medical specialties and procedures offered to their physician pages. This allowed Marshfield to leverage more properties, providing search engines with greater detail about their physicians.

As Marshfield Clinic continues to enhance their content strategy, their CSM advises on which content to include based on the vocabulary. This ensures optimal content structuring for easier Schema Markup implementation and nesting on their pages.

The Marshfield Clinic team’s prompt action on these content recommendations has been a key factor in the success of their partnership with Schema App.

Performing Entity Linking at Scale

In addition to achieving rich results and boosting their organic traffic metrics, Marshfield Clinic aimed to further clarify the entities mentioned on their site and improve their knowledge graph using entity linking. Performing entity linking would enable search engines to disambiguate the entities mentioned on their site and surface their pages on the SERP for more relevant search queries.

“Linking entities to form our organization’s knowledge graph is the foundational backbone that must be in place to ensure we’re offering the best care digitally. It allows us to meet our patients in their moment of need, at the start of their health journey. With the right information presented earlier in their search, they can come to us and get care quicker. Connected Schema Markup behind the scenes is critical to being where we need to be, in the right context with the right information, to provide the best care to our patients.” – Katie Schneekloth

In support of these goals, Marshfield Clinic was able to utilize Schema App’s Omni Linked Entity Recognition (LER) feature to apply entity linking at scale across Marshfield Clinic’s page sets. Omni LER automatically identifies named entities mentioned in texts and links them to corresponding entities found on other external authoritative knowledge bases within the markup.

Using Omni LER, Marshfield targeted the job-related entities (ex: Obgyn, Internal Medicine, etc.) found in the ‘Provider Bio’ section of their Physician Pages and linked them to the known entities found on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Below is an example of the entity “Internal Medicine” being automatically identified on the Physician page and linked to known entities on external authoritative knowledge bases using Omni LER.

Example of the Schema Markup on Marshfield Clinic's Physician Page, showing "internal medicine" as a linked entity using the sameAs property.

When asked what Katie’s take was on the role of knowledge graphs and linked entities in improving SEO, she responded, “as I learn more about AI and how search is changing, improving our knowledge graph and linking to reputable entities that are relevant to our content is what will set us apart and ensure we get quality traffic in this new world of semantic search. In healthcare, there is a lot of similar content coming from a wide variety of health networks. How can we stand out so that patients can find us and know about the exceptional care that we provide over our competitors? The answer is in our knowledge graph and bringing our exceptional service experience directly into search.”


Marshfield Clinic’s goal when partnering with Schema App was to increase clicks and improve search visibility, but they had to adapt to the changing search landscape in order to do so. Implementing advanced Schema Markup and entity linking at scale allowed them to increase organic traffic while also gaining a competitive edge in the evolving search landscape.

Improving Keyword Relevance With Entity Linking

The implementation of Omni LER allowed Marshfield to perform entity linking automatically and at scale across all their page categories. As a result, Marshfield Clinic’s physician pages saw a 32% increase in click-through rate. Their pages were ranking for more relevant keywords, resulting in more qualified traffic entering their site.

Achieving Rich Results

Through their previous efforts to achieve Review Snippets, as well as Schema App’s markup implementation and content recommendations, Marshfield Clinic continued to see improvement in their Review Snippet performance YoY.

Across all physician URLs, when a Review Snippet was awarded, CTR increased by 454%.

Additional rich results including Local Business were also awarded.

Preparing for AI Search

Marshfield Clinic’s partnership with Schema App and their Customer Success Manager provided them with more than just a technical solution. It offered them a comprehensive, managed process that included access to the latest Schema Markup best practices and timely industry news.

“There is so much information out there to stay on top of. That’s where working with Schema App is helpful so we know we’re staying on top of what’s important. Our business strategy and technology functions behind the scenes are ready for AI search, and Schema Markup is a core reason for that.”

This strategic collaboration ensured that Marshfield Clinic could maintain a competitive edge in their SEO efforts, stay ahead of industry trends, and continuously optimize their digital presence.

Katie Schneekloth - Marshfield Clinic Health System

Katie Schneekloth
Lead Digital Marketing Strategist
Marshfield Clinic Health System

Working with Schema App, I have a partner who not only helps get the hands-on work done but also helps us understand the world of Schema and where things are heading. The team is hands-on but also a strategic partner for us, providing well-rounded value. So much is changing in the SEO industry, and through this partnership, we have a strategic partner to guide us along the way and keep taking things to the next level to stay ahead of the curve.

See how Schema App can help your business leverage Schema Markup to develop a knowledge graph and stand out in search.