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Schema Markup

Is your team trying to stay on top of the latest structured data recommendations, only to be blocked by the complexity of it all?

Schema App empowers your digital team with the control and agility to drive results in a changing SEO world, by leveraging structured data without having to rely on I.T. resources. Work with and learn from schema markup experts to take your website to a new level with structured data, and showcase the unique value of your organization in search.

Businesses who reach out to us are typically looking to solve the following three problems that hinder their digital performance:

  1. Lacking Schema Markup Expertise
  2. Inability to Scale Schema Markup
  3. Insufficient I.T Resources for Agility

Lacking Schema Markup Expertise

Schema markup is an advanced, technical, and relatively new search engine optimization method.

This structured data vocabulary was released in 2011 through a collaborative effort by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Yandex, and the language is always changing and expanding. is the dictionary for schema markup, and with thirteen new versions released over the past two years, it’s clear that search engines continue to invest in this advanced SEO practice.

The benefits of structured data extend beyond improving your SEO performance:

  • You’re actually translating your content into a language that search engines understand. 
  • You’re connecting your organization and information on your site to a search engine’s knowledge graph by defining objects in your content as distinct entities, which streamlines Google’s ability to match a user’s search intent to information on your website. 
  • You’re taking control of how the data on your web pages is defined, rather than just hoping that search engines will figure it out and show the best information in search results.

Learning a new language and how to properly map, connect, and nest data items is hard and  takes a lot of skill and knowledge, for which most SEO teams cannot dedicate a full-time position.

Schema App: Your End to End Solution for Structured Data

Schema App offers a technical solution with high-touch support to enable your team through the whole process. Beyond the initial setup and creation comes the need to edit, maintain, and scale your schema markup. A common misconception is that schema markup is static once it’s created. The truth is your structured data should be evolving and changing over time, just as your website content and online business goals evolve. Let our solution do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on other areas of SEO, like strategy.

Inability to Scale Schema Markup

The biggest challenge for businesses who already have a structured data expert on their team is creating and managing schema markup at scale across hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of pages on your website. Hardcoding schema markup into your website page-by-page is not sustainable, and your digital team is going to be spending hundreds of hours doing so. At Schema App, our solutions allow us to easily create, manage, and deploy customized schema markup at scale across thousands of pages to suit our customers’ needs. 

To maximize results from schema markup, your website should have useful, informative content that is comprehensively marked up with structured data. That’s why your Customer Success Manager will provide expert content recommendations to unlock new opportunities for search enhancement features like rich results. The Schema App Highlighter can even update your schema markup dynamically to keep up with content changes across your website, meaning you won’t miss out on any opportunities to connect with your customers as your business grows.

Schema App Highlighter

Insufficient IT Resources for Agility

Even if your schema markup expert has found a way to create structured data internally at scale, our bet is that implementing this is going to require some assistance from your development team. If your dev team is anything like ours, they’re usually running at max capacity. Customers come to us to remove the dependency of deploying or editing their schema markup from their development team, enabling their SEO team to just get the job done! 

Schema App is a SaaS solution, so the setup, and updates are made in our application, which empowers your SEO team to make updates as the content evolves, vs being dependent on your dev team.  Also, once templates or sets of pages are set up, anytime you add to that page set, BAM! It’s optimized. 

Our solution, paired with our expert Customer Success teams, means that updates can be made quickly. We’re quick to execute based on customer needs and feedback—no need to jump in line for your next dev team sprint cycle. Simply reach out to your customer success manager and create a plan together for when changes are going to happen so that we can be ready to update your configuration in Schema App’s solution; your schema markup will evolve with your website. Or maybe your company is considering a website migration or redesign; we can pivot your schema markup strategy to help mitigate traffic lost through your transition. 

When AdventHealth was planning a massive rebrand that would consolidate over 800 websites using approximately 35 different content management systems, we helped them mitigate the risk of a drop in organic traffic during the rebranding and ended up driving the following results:

  • 90% increase in clicks 
  • 40% increase in impressions
  • 38% increase in CTR
  • Top position in the rankings

AdventHealth Physician Rich Result

We have seen significant increases in how our physicians are being found. Physician bio clips increased 90% from 150,000 clicks to about 285,000 clicks and we saw a 38% increase in the click-through rate of the search results as well”

—Brandi West, Executive Director, Digital Brand & Content Strategy I Digital Marketing, AdventHealth

We’re here to work with our customers as they change and grow, and our integrations mean your team can do it without IT!

Return on Investment of working with Schema App

Schema markup is an SEO strategy that has just started to gain appreciation from digital marketers in the last few years. The level of complexity associated with creating schema markup has likely kept some brands at bay. Early adopters are reaping the benefit of future-proofing their brand in search, especially as it becomes apparent that Google is investing more in structured data and increasing the reach of what applications it may have in the future.

Schema App has been at the forefront of automated schema markup technology since’s unveiling back in 2011. Our founders launched Schema App’s powerful suite of tools to create and maintain structured data at scale without having to write a line of code. You not only save budget on software maintenance, but also on hiring a new team member to manage your schema markup internally. With structured data, you’re able to measure the impact of your SEO efforts without increasing the cost of paid. With Schema App, we ensure that your return on investment goals are being met with a customized schema strategy and high-touch support from our team of experts.

Advanced SEO technology at a fraction of the cost

We aim to be 30% of the cost of doing schema markup internally. Your digital team will be empowered with advanced search engine optimization techniques without having to rely on I.T resources. How long does it take for your development team to take a concept through delivery? We take 2-3 weeks to get things live, on average. 

The savings from dedicating development resources are already worth the investment, but what about software maintenance? Research shows that maintenance of software typically contributes to 75% of cost of ownership. Let us handle the technology, giving back more budget, time, and resources for you to invest in other areas of your business.

Effectively measure the value of your search engine optimization

How do you currently measure the value of your investment in search engine optimization? Schema markup is like striking SEO gold for your website. Your SEO team will have the opportunity to work with structured data experts who do this day in and day out. Through innovative content recommendations, enhanced analytics to inform decisions through powerful data, and scalable technology, we establish a true business partnership between our team and yours. 

Save time learning complexity by partnering with world-class experts. On average, our customer success team spends 640 hours learning structured data before they can set up and do strategy. That’s an estimated 640 hours of dedicated, focused learning!

With Schema App, you’ll be adding robust, specific markup without needing to invest hundreds of hours from your internal team in learning. Our customer success managers will help you lead the industry by  leveraging our up-to-date knowledge on the most recent enhancements and rich result opportunities. We work cross-functionally with different areas of your organization to help you maximize your results from structured data.

Customer Success Team 2021

Compliment paid traffic acquisition with a boost from organic clicks and impressions.

You’re enabling your team to measure the value of their search engine optimization without increasing the cost of paid. Our goal is to help you move your existing business metrics, not create new ones.

Our customers typically achieve more than 10% more clicks and impressions from schema markup. If your website on average receives around 150k clicks from Google search Console on a monthly basis and your average cost per click from paid Google Ads traffic is $1.34, your average monthly value from schema markup is over $20k. 

If you’re curious about calculating the value of implementing schema markup using your own benchmarks, reach out to our sales team to explore the ROI opportunities for your website.

Let us know if you’re interested and we can get on the phone this week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should someone choose to work with Schema App as opposed to implementing schema markup themselves?

Expertise, scale, agility. Removing the dependency from your team to learn, maintain, and stay updated with structured data trends will allow them to shine and contribute back more to the company in the areas they’re truly specialized in.

Why aren’t all brands already using schema markup?

Schema markup is an SEO strategy that has really just started to shine and gain appreciation from digital marketers in the last two years. The level of complexity associated with creating schema markup has likely kept some brands at bay, but early adopters are going to reap the benefit of future proofing their brand in search especially as it becomes apparent that Google is investing more in structured data, and increasing the reach of what applications it may have in the future (hint: visual and predictive search).

We help you go beyond the fundamentals of search engine optimization, leveraging structured data to showcase your unique value in search. In a rapidly changing SEO environment, we introduce agility to your digital team, saving you time and resources for managing other aspects of your business portfolio. We deliver to your online business goals using our structured data expertise and advanced technology.

Are you ready to unleash the power of structured data?


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Gracia Chua is the Demand Generation Manager at Schema App. Schema App is an end-to-end Schema Markup solution that helps enterprise SEO teams create, deploy and manage Schema Markup to stand out in search.