About Schema Markup

How To Implement Schema Markup To Increase E-A-T

E-A-T has been buzzing in the SEO world since 2018, when Google released a broad algorithm update. Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the update was around relevance. Websites were wondering…
About Schema Markup

Entity-Based Search For Advanced SEO

The popularity of entity-based SEO demonstrates how websites are moving beyond the standard search box, and are starting to think outside the box. A well-structured website unlocks opportunities in search…
Schema App Tutorial

How to use the Schema Paths Tool

Have you ever wondered how to connect different data types together, or what property best describes the relationship between two entities? At Schema App, we want to help you get…
Schema App Tutorial

Schema App Highlighter Overview

Purpose: This is a high-level overview of the Schema App Highlighter. For more details, consider accessing our Highlighter Training Lessons. Plan Select the templated page type that you want to…
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