Value of Schema Markup for Healthcare Organizations - Schema App

The Value of Schema Markup to Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations can boost their SEO performance and stand out in search quickly through Schema Markup. However, creating and implementing a Schema Markup strategy is complex and time-consuming. SEO teams often…
How To Implement Schema Markup To Increase E-A-T

How To Implement Schema Markup To Increase E-A-T

E-A-T has been buzzing in the SEO world since 2018, when Google released a broad algorithm update. Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the update was around relevance. Websites were wondering…
Entity-Based Search For Advanced SEO

Entity-Based SEO for Advanced Search

The popularity of entity-based SEO demonstrates how websites are moving beyond the standard search box, and are starting to think outside the box. A well-structured website unlocks opportunities in search…
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