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The Anatomy of a Content Knowledge Graph

What is a Knowledge Graph? A knowledge graph is a structured representation of knowledge that describes entities and the relationships between them. Knowledge graphs are a part of “knowledge representation“,…
Title image for "How to Create Product Schema Markup", with graphic examples of Product rich results to the right of the title text.

Creating “Product” Schema Markup

Have you ever wondered how certain Google search results for products stand out with detailed information like pricing, ratings, reviews, and images, setting them apart from standard listings? These enhanced…
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New Vacation Rental Rich Results on Google

Google has been actively unveiling a series of new rich results in recent weeks. Continuing this trend, they have introduced yet another addition – Vacation Rentals. On December 4, 2023,…
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What is an Entity in SEO?

In the realm of information and knowledge organization, understanding the concept of an entity is fundamental. According to Google, an entity refers to a single, unique, well-defined, and distinguishable thing…
Image with the title 'What is a Knowledge Graph?' and a graphic of a connected graph in the shape of an AI-looking brain within the silhouette of a human head.

Guide to Knowledge Graph Semantics 101

What is a Knowledge Graph? A knowledge graph is a reusable data layer that serves as a collection of relationships between things, defined using a standardized vocabulary.  It provides a…
Image with the title 'linked data in seo: what you need to know' and a graphic of a connected graph

Linked Data in SEO: What You Need To Know

In 2006, Tim Berners-Lee had a vision of building a semantic web enabled through Linked Data. Now, more than ever before, his vision is becoming a reality, because in addition…
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