Schema App’s Martha van Berkel Chosen as one of Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following

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We’re thrilled to announce that Schema App CEO and co-founder Martha van Berkel has been chosen by Search Engine Journal as one of the top SEO experts you should be following.

Martha is an active member of the search engine optimization community, and the work that she does through Schema App is helping brands from all over the world improve their organic search performance.

“I am so honoured and humbled to be included in this amazing list of experts. I love the fact that I get to share our knowledge with the SEO community as a way to live our values of Teaching and Learning. Thank you for the recognition.”

In addition to being the face and voice of Schema App, Martha is a visionary who possesses the unique ability to create and define new markets and get customers excited about opportunities. What makes Schema App so accessible is that we combine expert technical solutions with a dedicated customer success team that works with you every step of the way. The Schema App team uses their semantic search expertise to drive results for customers through innovative and targeted structured data strategies.

Schema App helps you stand out in search resulting in high-quality traffic to your website. We are experts in schema markup, an advanced SEO strategy, and our technology enables you to deploy it to any content management system. 

Get started on your schema strategy today with Schema App! Our enterprise schema markup solutions help your brand to generate quality search traffic for your website. Contact us to start making an impression in search.

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Since the inception of Schema App, we’ve helped customers like SAP and Keen Footwear to reach their online business goals through customized schema strategies.

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Martha van Berkel is the co-founder and CEO of Schema App, an end-to-end Semantic Schema Markup solution provider based in Ontario, Canada. She focuses on helping SEO teams globally understand the value of Schema Markup and how they can leverage Schema Markup to grow search performance and develop a reusable content knowledge graph that drives innovation. Before starting Schema App, Martha was a Senior Manager responsible for online support tools at Cisco. She is a Mom of two energetic kids, loves to row, and drinks bulletproof coffee.