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Introducing Schema Performance Analytics

Schema Performance Analytics (SPA) is a structured data reporting solution that is powerful enough to scale with your online business. With benefits of Google Search Console plus more data and…
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New Error Reporting in Google Search Console

On October 6th, Google announced new error reporting for Rich Result status reports in Google Search Console. This change was intended to help SEOs with resolving rich result errors: The…
What is the Schema Markup Validator (SMV)

What is the Schema Markup Validator (SMV)

The Schema Markup Validator (SMV) is now live. The SMV is currently in beta, and has officially replaced Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT). Google originally intended the Rich Results…
Schema App has a New Look

Schema App has a New Look

We are so excited to share our new branding with you.  When my co-founder Mark and I decided to focus on Schema App way back in 2015, we only hoped…
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