Whitaker Brothers Business Machines Ecommerce Case Study

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Whitaker Brothers Business Machines is a prominent internet office products dealer, who prides themselves on the tenure of their sales reps, the knowledge of their support staff, and the experience of their technician team.


“Schema App has absolutely surpassed my expectations in terms of what I thought it could do.”  

Dave Williams
eCommerce and Marketing

The Schema App Challenge

Whitaker Brothers was ranking reasonably well for some of their products, but not for their categorizations.  The alternative (to Schema App) was “manually hacking the JSON-LD for every single page in the 10,000-page catalog, which was a non-starter.” With an ever-increasing volume of data, they recognized that there needed to be a framework, but wrapping your mind around Schema markup and how it works was a challenge.

The Schema App Impact

After Schema App was deployed, there were increases in new sessions,  new users, organic traffic, transactions, and revenue.

Organic Search                          Financial
  53.59% ↑ Google                       33.60% ↑ Transactions

119.70% ↑ Bing                            36.82% ↑ Revenue
  72.00% ↑ Yahoo 

Schema App Technology

Whitaker Brothers had an inconsistent environment and they expected that would create problems with the algorithms but it didn’t.  “You write the content, and Schema App comes in and marks it up for you, and in doing so, tells people exactly what it’s about and who you are about. Schema App allows you to take an enormous amount of page data and get everything marked up on the fly.”

Schema App Customer Service

Dave categorized the ongoing service as “Platinum” and noted that it was a great example of “Customer Plus-Delta”. The Schema App team, agile and innovative, embrace technological recommendations and delivers on them.  

Straight from our Customer

Schema App is at the forefront of schema markup strategy and implementation, providing enterprise solutions to some of the top clients across the world. To learn more about our structured data solutions and how we can help you reach your online business goals, contact our expert team. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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