Henry Ford Health System Case Study

Henry Ford Health System is one of America’s leading comprehensive, integrated health systems. They provide health insurance and health care delivery, including acute, specialty, primary and preventive care services backed by excellence in research and education.


“Our partnership with Schema App reassures us that this important component of our SEO strategy is being managed. The data we have been able to get out of this is great. Providers love to see how good their marked up listings look in search results. It’s great evidence of the work we do behind the scenes to increase visibility in our market.”

Julie Goldstein-Dunn

Manager, Marketing, SEO, SEM & Analytics

Henry Ford Health System

The Schema App Situation

Prior to COVID-19, Schema App had been optimizing Henry Ford Health System’s website with schema markup, and naturally being in the health industry they have seen a large influx of traffic during the pandemic. The challenge was to parse out COVID-19 related searches and find what other health topics people were searching for in order to build content to meet their customer needs during the pandemic and in the future.

The Schema App Experience

Schema App’s Enhanced Analytics reporting provides deep insights and granularity into website traffic by pulling marked up schema.org properties into Google Analytics. Henry Ford Health Systems was able to leverage their pre-existing schema markup into the Enhanced Analytics reports.

The Schema App team used the schema markup across https://www.henryford.com/ to identify groups of pages that had content regarding the same medical specialties and health topics. Comparing the averages in performance between these different groups helped measure the correlation between web traffic and patient interests. This insight informed Henry Ford Health System the types of content topics to create and best reach their patients, based on what they have already been searching for and engaging with.

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