Schema App’s Martha van Berkel Selected as a Fierce Founder

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 Schema App co-founder Martha van Berkel has been selected to take part in the Communitech Fierce Founders Bootcamp 2017, a program for female founders working on early-stage technology-based products.

Over six weeks, participants receive hands-on mentoring from serial entrepreneurs and experts to help them build their business and refine their products. Eight of the 24 participants will be selected to pitch their ventures at the end of the bootcamp on Feb. 23 for a $100,000 prize.

Schema App, launched in May 2016, is designed to translate website content into the language of search engines to deliver better organic search results.

2017 promises to be a year of high growth for Schema App,” van Berkel says. “We’ve build a product that digital marketers love and we are landing deals with major agencies in Canada and the United States. I am honoured to be a part of the Fierce Founders’ group of kick ass female entrepreneurs, and ready to show that Guelph’s tech scene is alive and competitive in the global market.”

Schema App feeds essential information to Google’s new artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning algorithm: while the algorithm can figure out 80 percent of what a website is about by crawling the words on the page, the other 20 percent needs to be described in the language of search engines to fully explain what the page is about and the context of the page relative to other information on the web. Schema App bridges this gap, using the same semantic technology as Google’s search algorithms.

“Schema App enables a digital marketer to embrace the language of search engines across any web platform, for small and large websites, and with the ability to report business intelligence so they can lead in search across their web portfolio,” van Berkel explains.

Schema App is a product of Hunch Manifest, a Guelph-based semantic search marketing company.

Since the inception of Schema App, we’ve helped customers like SAP and Keen Footwear to reach their online business goals through customized schema strategies.

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Martha is the CEO and co-founder of Schema App. Schema App is an end-to-end Schema Markup solution that helps enterprise SEO teams create, deploy and manage Schema Markup to stand out in search. She is an active member of the search engine optimization community, and the work that she does through Schema App is helping brands from all over the world improve their organic search performance.