What is the Schema Markup Validator (SMV)

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The Schema Markup Validator (SMV) is a tool for validating all Schema.org Structured Data that’s embedded in a web page.

The SMV is a replacement for Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT). Google originally intended the Rich Results Testing Tool to replace the SDTT. However, Google received backlash about this change. They ultimately decided to incorporate validation tooling into Schema.org to support SEOs as they test their Structured Data.

Here is the official announcement from Schema.Org:

As agreed last year, Schema.org is the new home for the Structured Data validator previously known as the Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT). It is now simpler to use, and available for testing. Schema.org will integrate feedback into its draft documentation and add it more explicitly to the Schema.org website for the next official release.

Structured Data Testing Tool Deprecation: A History

The SEO community was rocked in 2020 when Google announced that they would be deprecating the Structured Data Testing Tool and replacing this resource with the Rich Results Testing Tool, which had just come out of beta. However, the Rich Results Testing Tool has some drawbacks compared to the Structured Data Testing Tool.

The SDTT validates all schemas, whereas the Rich Results Testing Tool only supports a subset of Google-approved schemas and does not validate all types of rich results. SEOs were not happy; enter the SMV.

On August 9th, 2021, Google officially replaced the Structured Data Testing Tool with the Schema Markup Validator. The SDTT now redirects to a landing page to help you choose the right testing tool for your markup.

To learn more about how to test if your Schema Markup is working, our guide How Do I Know If My Schema Markup is Working is a helpful reference!

Schema Markup Validator Features

The Schema Markup Validator is based on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. The service, provided by Google for the Schema.Org community, can validate Schema.org based Structured Data embedded in web pages, otherwise known as Schema Markup.

The SMV can:

  • extract JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata markup,
  • display a summary of the extracted Structured Data, and
  • identify syntax mistakes in the markup.

Our Schema App solution will provide you access to an enterprise-level site-wide Schema Markup testing tool (aka the Schema App Analyzer) that can further help you analyze your Structured Data. If you use the Schema App Editor or Highlighter to generate your markup, both tools will allow you to test your markup with the Schema Markup Validator and the Rich Result Testing Tools before you publish your markup. 

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