Schema App Analyzer

Monitor the Health of your Schema Markup

Visualize the distribution of Schema Markup across your website, and determine any new opportunities for your content.

Discover Schema Markup opportunities on any website

STEP ONE: Enter any website URL and discover what Schema Markup exists on the site.

STEP TWO: Analyze the health of your Schema Markup using the errors and warnings reporting.

STEP THREE: Correct the errors and warnings to correct your Schema Markup in the tool.

STEP FOUR: Identify new Schema Markup opportunities for your content.

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Schema App Analyzer

Insightful data for future content improvement opportunities


Monitor the health of the schema markup on your website.

Pages Visited: Total number of pages crawled

Start Time/ End Time: The date and time of the crawl.

Pages with Schema Markup: Total number of pages with schema markup on it. Does not have to be unique schema markup.

Coverage: The total number of pages with schema markup.

Errors and warnings: List of the data items on the site listing the errors, warnings for that schema type.


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