Schema App Celebrates 3 Years of Enabling Digital Marketers to Create Connected Schema Markup

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Schema App is celebrating a birthday!   

3 years to be exact.

Well, technically, Mark van Berkel, founder and COO first started working with Schema Markup back in 2013, but it’s been three years since the company launched the Schema App Editor and enabling customers to create connected, robust schema markup using the entire vocabulary on any platform.

Since then, there has been a whirlwind of activity. As a rising star, the customer-funded company has been:

  • Recognized as the Startup of the Year (Innovation Guelph, 2017)
  • Awarded several government grants (2017, 2018)
  • Recognized by Fortune 100 companies as the leader in the market

The team, now 13 and growing, is focused on innovation and delivering exceptional results to their customers.  

“Ultimately, this is a human endeavor, to Be Connected, and to Be Understood. “ says cofounders, Martha van Berkel and Mark van Berkel. “On the surface that may not be clear, but in helping machines understand the context, we improve the ability for people to find the things that people say, make and do and in so doing, we help people to be understood and to be found.”

Martha van Berkel, founder, and CEO, takes all of the attention in stride. She is as comfortable shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Canada, participating as a guest on a podcast or delivering a motivational speech to hundreds of university alumni as she is running the company.

2018 was a key turning point for both Schema Markup (aka structured data) and Schema App. Google became very vocal in encouraging everyone to adopt Schema markup and Schema App launched the Schema App Highlighter. The Highlighter disrupts how companies traditionally do this techie SEO by enabling the digital marketer to get the job done, without devs and with speed.  

In April, Schema App launched a partner program and within 1 month was in discussions with 39 partners interested in either pursuing a referring or reselling relationship.

Why all the fuss?

Schema App focuses on Schema markup – code, that when added to your website,  helps search engines explicitly understand your content to improve findability. Additionally, it is responsible for enabling rich results – that extra information you see beyond the traditional title, URL and meta description, which helps websites stand out in search.

Adding the code can be complicated and, but it’s worth it. Not only can it lead to an increase in impressions, clicks, click-through-rates (and ultimately revenue) but it positions companies well for voice search – a growing technology.

Schema App’s toolsets allow digital markers to add schema markup to their websites without actually writing the code, at scale and with speed.

Their customers, professional digital marketers who want to properly optimize their content and future-proof for voice and the next machine consumer, love how the company is hungry to innovate and understands the challenge of managing schema markup at scale in an Enterprise environment

Unlike basic plugins, Schema App provides digital marketers with a professional solution – putting them in full control of their Schema markup,  giving them access to the entire vocabulary, and allowing them to manage Schema markup on dozens of websites from a central location and across any technology/CMS.

There are only a few companies that focus on this area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it’s safe to say that no one else does it quite as well. Schema App focuses on delivering quality, connected markup, that maximizes understanding (and results)  as well as providing incremental data to companies that can be incorporated into their analytics to drive better decisions.

And although they are leaders in their industry, they share some typical 3-year-olds qualities – they are curious, energetic, optimistic, adaptable and quick – not only responding to trends and announcements realtime but also devising innovative ways to get ahead of the market as a disruptor.

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If you are curious about structured data and determined to see results in the work that you do, we would love to hear from you! We are a fast-growing team and are always looking for awesome individuals to join Schema App.

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Martha van Berkel is the co-founder and CEO of Schema App, an end-to-end Semantic Schema Markup solution provider based in Ontario, Canada. She focuses on helping SEO teams globally understand the value of Schema Markup and how they can leverage Schema Markup to grow search performance and develop a reusable content knowledge graph that drives innovation. Before starting Schema App, Martha was a Senior Manager responsible for online support tools at Cisco. She is a Mom of two energetic kids, loves to row, and drinks bulletproof coffee.