Special Announcement – Schema.org Type

A “SpecialAnnouncement” can be used to provide information updates made by a locally-oriented organizations (e.g. schools, pharmacies, healthcare providers, community groups, police, local government). They combine simple date-stamped textual information with contextualized Web links and other structured data.

1. In Editor, search for Special Announcement, select the class and click create.

2. In the Create Data Item box, name it and use the URL for your announcement page and confirm the Type is Special Announcement.

3. Go to Text property and include all text from the page that is relevant to the Special announcement.

4. Go to Date Published property and choose the date.

5. Go to Expires property, only set date if appropriate. For example, if Special announcement is relevant for a set period of time.

6. Go to URL and put the URL for the page.

7. Go to Category property and specify what the Special announcement is a result of. An example is COVID-19. To do this use it’s Wikipedia or Wikidata link. Copy and paste the URL into the form builder and click done.

8. If the Special announcement is about a certain place go to the About property and pull in that Data Item.

9. Click done!

COVID-19 Hospital Testing Tip

New schema class : CovidTestingFacility

If you have hospital schema you can make a multitype entity for the Hospital by also saying that it is a CovidTestingFacility. Additionally, you can use the availableService property to call out that it has a MedicalTest.