Schema Markup is an Advanced SEO Strategy For Brands in 2021

Schema Markup

Brands are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition. Even in search engine marketing, organic search is one of the most competitive spaces out there.

Schema markup, or structured data, has become a website strategy that all brands should be adopting in 2021.

On the eve of this year, Google’s John Mueller stated that he believes implementing schema markup for rich results isn’t going away and that it’s only going to get harder, not easier.

But structured data is buzzing as an SEO strategy that webmasters are most excited for in 2021.

John Mueller Twitter SEO and Structured Data 2021

It’s hard to stand out in search. Marking up your website, when done properly, can make you eligible for rich results that go beyond the standard text that shows up in search engines.

From starred ratings

Home Hardware Snowblower Product Rich Result


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To the newly introduced price drop, rich results allow you to take up more space on search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes your brand stand out more when users are searching for products or services like yours.

This helpful graphic visualizes the power of rich results, so that you can take control of your brand in search.

As Mueller said, schema markup isn’t going away. Instead, it is going to lay the foundation for more of these rich results.

So the topical question in 2021 is: how do you use schema markup on your website?

Schema App recently held a webinar, Schema App Live, where schema markup experts Martha van Berkel and Jeff Burns discussed how to get started. Here is some of the key information to keep in mind when approaching your schema strategy.

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How to Approach a Schema Strategy?

First of all, schema markup is not a one-time SEO tactic. It should be constantly analyzed and updated, so that you are informing search engines of the exact content on your website through schema markup.

Remember – your schema strategy directly correlates with your content strategy.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: what should I optimize?

Then, your schema will amplify this content in search. Your schema strategy also ties to your overall business goals. Ultimately, your goals answer the question of what you should be optimizing on your website with schema markup in the first place.

Schema Markup is Complicated

Schema markup can also be quite time-consuming if you want to do it effectively. Luckily, Schema App offers full-service schema markup enterprise solutions that integrate with any website.

The Schema App team is thrilled to have been chosen as the number one best schema resources and management tool by Winston Burton, author of Search Engine Land, in 2021.

What makes Schema App’s schema markup solutions so accessible is that we combine an expert, dedicated team with curated solutions. We help you overcome the technical challenges of structured data and focus on strategy.

Get Started on your Schema Strategy Today!

Schema App strives to support our customers to the fullest degree and to offer world-class solutions and expertise in schema markup. If you’d like to learn more about getting started with schema markup and your schema strategy, get in touch!

Start reaching your online business goals with structured data.


Martha is the CEO and co-founder of Schema App. Schema App is an end-to-end Schema Markup solution that helps enterprise SEO teams create, deploy and manage Schema Markup to stand out in search. She is an active member of the search engine optimization community, and the work that she does through Schema App is helping brands from all over the world improve their organic search performance.