Version 13 Release: Products, Healthcare, Videos, and more!

Schema App News version 13.0 was released on July 7th, 2021. This was the second full release so far this year, but with 11 releases in 2020 we’re expecting more to come!

Here is a summary of v13 from

This release includes improvements proposed via the Pending section, in particular a number of terms proposed by the Bioschemas project, alongside other additions around e-commerce returns policy markup, job postings, and MediaReview markup.”

There are quite a few updates to the vocabulary via the Pending section, but here are the additions that we are most excited about.

Product Updates in Version 13.0

Version 13.0 brought many additions to merchant return policies, including adding:

Ways to define return fees were added, including the following properties:

To improve compatibility with GS1, an organization who develops and maintains global standards for business communication such as the all-familiar barcode, countryOfLastProcessing and countryOfAssembly were added for Product.

Healthcare Updates in Version 13.0

The following additions were proposed by the Bioschemas community.

Bioschemas aims to improve the Findability on the Web of life sciences resources such as datasets, software, and training materials.”

Several new basic life science concepts were added, including:

  • Taxon (a set of organisms asserted to represent a natural cohesive biological unit)
  • BioChemEntity (any biological, chemical, or biochemical thing)
  • ChemicalSubstance (a subtype of BioChemEntity)
  • MolecularEntity (any constitutionally or isotopically distinct atom, molecule, ion, etc)
  • Gene (a discrete unit of inheritance, which affects one or more biological traits)
  • Protein (in the vocabulary, Protein is used in its widest possible definition: as classes of amino acid-based molecules)

Video Updates in Version 13.0


SeekToAction is a type, and is the Action of navigating to a specific timestamp of a VideoObject. startOffset was accidentally omitted from previous SeekToAction definitions, but has been added with the latest release. startOffset is the start time of the clip, expressed as the number of seconds since the beginning of the video.


InteractionCounter is a summary of how users have interacted with the CreativeWork type, such as books, movies, photographs, software programs, etc. Subtypes can be used to specify the type of interaction. 


Read more about all changes in’s Version 13.0  here.

We always get excited by updates to the vocabulary! Not only do these updates reflect Google’s continued investment in schema markup, but as the vocabulary expands we keep identifying new ways for our customers to maximize their results from structured data!

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