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Schema Markup SEO in 2023: What To Expect

2022 was an eventful year in the world of Schema Markup and Rich Results. As Google continues to improve the search experience for users, we’ve seen volatility in rich result…
Entity-Based Search For Advanced SEO

Entity-Based SEO for Advanced Search

The popularity of entity-based SEO demonstrates how websites are moving beyond the standard search box, and are starting to think outside the box. A well-structured website unlocks opportunities in search…
Creating “CollectionPage” Schema Markup

Creating “CollectionPage” Schema Markup

Often, selecting a type to define a web page is pretty straightforward; if there’s price and quantity information, it’s probably a Product; author and date published information? likely an…
Schema Markup for Product Models

Schema Markup for Product Models

Creating schema markup for a single product is straightforward and well documented. But things get more complicated when you’re creating markup for many variations of a product. There are several…
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