Schema App has a New Look

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We are so excited to share our new branding with you. 

When my co-founder Mark and I decided to focus on Schema App way back in 2015, we only hoped the SEO community would want to nerd out on schema markup as much as we do.  Just like the industry’s knowledge of schema markup has grown, so has Schema App in both size and capability.  We wanted our new brand to reflect the company we have become.

It is with great pride that we launch our new brand, which represents our passion for technology and people.An image of Schema App's new logoThe connected elements reflect our foundation in semantic technology, what we use to make actual knowledge graphs from your schema markup. It also speaks to how we love getting to know our customers and their business. Schema App is about connecting people and data!  

The open area at the bottom of the logo speaks to our personality as a company: we are open to feedback and will be transparent about how we can help you achieve your business goals. From a technological perspective, it reflects our openness to connecting to new technologies. 

The arrows pointing up represent both the direction we want to take your business and search performance, and the growth mindset that drives us here at Schema App.

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Martha van Berkel is the co-founder and CEO of Schema App, an end-to-end Semantic Schema Markup solution provider based in Ontario, Canada. She focuses on helping SEO teams globally understand the value of Schema Markup and how they can leverage Schema Markup to grow search performance and develop a reusable content knowledge graph that drives innovation. Before starting Schema App, Martha was a Senior Manager responsible for online support tools at Cisco. She is a Mom of two energetic kids, loves to row, and drinks bulletproof coffee.