Training – A Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data


This training was created to help single users and small businesses build a foundation of knowledge for using the vocabulary show how to do markup on a website to get great organic search results.

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This training was created to help single users and small businesses build a foundation of knowledge for using the vocabulary show how to do markup on a website to get great organic search results.

Note: This course is intended for single users and small businesses. If you are an enterprise customer or digital marketing agency, try our Advanced course.

  1. The course starts with the basics on why you need to know about structured data,, the Google features that rely on it. It then introduces the student to the vocabulary, its history, where to get more information on it, and common tools (watch a preview).
  2. The training then focuses on common applications of for websites. Covering products, services, locations, and overall rules to keep in mind.

Learning Outcomes from Training

  • Understand the vocabulary
  • Understand the Google features that leverage semantic markup
  • Be able to create a semantic search strategy for a websites (great for proposals or selling concepts internally)
  • Execute your strategy with speed and accuracy

The training is delivered virtually with workshop elements. Participants have access to a Q&A review session with our expert team to ask questions and get coaching on workshop materials. Total investment of time is around 3 hours.

Schema Course & Training Modules

  1. Welcome to Bootcamp
  2. Google Features
    • Google Rich Snippets Overview
    • Google Knowledge Graph and Actions Overview
    • Who Else Uses
  3. Introduction to
    • History
    • Benefits of
    • Getting to know the Documentation
    • Tools – Watch a Preview
  4. Common Scenarios
    • Common Scenarios Products
    • Common Scenarios Services
    • Common Scenarios Events
    • Common Scenarios Locations
    • Common Scenarios Rules of Thumb
  5. How to Use Schema App
    • How to markup a Homepage
    • How to markup a Contact page
    • How to markup a Service page
    • How to markup an About page

Watch a Preview of the Training


The Bootcamp is co-delivered by Mark van Berkel and Martha van Berkel.

Mark van Berkel is an expert in Semantic Search and Technology. He likes to apply the best smart data practices throughout Hunch Manifest’s and Schema App’s processes. While doing enterprise systems consulting, he studied Information Engineering between 2005-07 and worked for the Semantic Technologies Laboratory. He has grown up with the semantic technology sector and applies his expertise to modernize clients web strategies. He has spoken at the last two semantic technology conferences, where experts from around the world discuss trends, results and technology. He is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier who has Mastered Engineering and Business at the University of Toronto.

Martha van Berkel has been selling and explaining semantic search marketing for the last three years. She loves putting strategy into action through collaborative, creative and transparent leadership. She is a dynamic innovator with proven entrepreneurial success with a passion for customer success. As a Senior Manager for the Cisco Headquarters in the US, she managed Cisco’s global online support troubleshooting tools, developed Cisco’s Support API and mobile strategy, and lead the support website’s business strategy. Winner of numerous corporate awards, in 2012 she was selected for the Intensive Leadership Program for leaders with highest potential. She has presented at the San Francisco and New York Business of API Conference, and is a Queens Engineering and MIT Alumni.

Feedback, we welcome it!

If you take the training and find that there is a missing module or have outstanding questions. Let us know and will add the content to the training!

Where do I go to learn about Schema App?

We do not cover using Schema App in this training. The goal is to enable digital marketers to do markup, by hand, or with any tool. Please refer to our online tutorials for using Schema App.