Schema App Highlighter Demo

Date Published: March 28, 2024

Duration: 6 minutes

What you’ll learn

The Schema App Highlighter is a tool on the Schema App platform that allows users to generate and deploy the markup to hundreds of similarly templated pages. Users can create a Schema Markup Highlighter template and map the properties to specific elements on a page set. The tool will then generate and deploy Schema Markup based on the page’s content. Any new pages added to the pageset will automatically get accurate Schema Markup.

Key Features

  • Generates and deploys accurate semantic Schema Markup at scale
  • Dynamically updates markup based on content on the page
  • Supports entity linking
  • Integrates with any CMS or website
  • No manual coding required

See how Schema App works with your website

During this 30 minute demo, you will learn how Schema App:

  • Generates and deploys markup at scale to your website
  • Integrates with your CMS or website
  • Manages your markup from strategy to results

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