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Stand Out in Organic Search: More Clicks. More Sales.

Shopify store owners sell more and earn more with Schema App for Shopify. Schema App for Shopify shows important product information (rich snippets) right up front in organic search results for 30% more clicks and conversions. That means more customers, more sales and more profit!

Schema App for Shopify is EASY to use and helps all search engines understand exactly what you are selling so they can find you more buyers. We provide all the support you need to keep sales rolling in

Complete & Accurate Schema Markup for your Shopify Store

The key to boosting clicks and conversions is enabling rich snippets which show potential customers exactly what you are selling at a glance.  With Schema App for Shopify you can easily implement complete, accurate schema markup (JSON-LD) for products ( and static pages no matter what theme you are using.
SEO specialist, Neil Patel, recommends Schema App as ‘the best’ WordPress plugin for schema markup. Now you can do the same for your Shopify store when you get Schema App for Shopify.
Neil Patel

Neil Patel

SEO Specialist
“The Best WordPress Plugin for Schema Markup”

Why Schema App for Shopify?

Schema App for Shopify is unlike any other Schema Markup App for Shopify. 
  1. It adds the most accurate, comprehensive schema markup available. If you have products that have different models, colours or offerings, Schema App for Shopify optimizes every single variant of your product.
  2. Schema Markup is available to ALL search engines.  The reason for this is kind of techie. The thing to note is that with Schema App for Shopify ALL your schema markup is available to ALL search engines.
  3. We’re experts in Schema Markup, in fact, our whole company is built on it. We spend each and everyday building tools for Schema Markup, as a result, this App will be kept up to date and cutting edge in the world of SEO.
What Schema Markup does it add to your store?
This is the result of using Schema App for Shopify. 
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