Schema App Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Connect Schema App with Your Adobe Experience Manager Site to Deploy Your Schema Markup with Agility

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+ Schema App Connector for AEM
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The Schema App Connector for AEM allows Schema App enterprise customers to get their Schema Markup (JSON-LD) server side. Users can then generate Schema Markup at scale, with agility, speed and accuracy.

Learn in detail how the Schema App for AEM Connector works with your AEM environment. 

How It Works

AEM connects with Schema App through the Connector and pulls in Schema Markup from Schema App. The Schema Markup is generated through Javascript or Schema App’s crawler and stored by Schema App. AEM Connector then calls Schema App to pull in generated Schema Markup.

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Supports Cloud & On-Premise Versions of AEM

The Schema App Connector for AEM supports the following versions of Adobe Experience Manager:

Classic AEM On-Premise

Classic AEM Cloud

Headless AEM On-Premise

Headless AEM Cloud

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