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If you have a WordPress website, take it to the next level with Schema Markup.

Schema Markup (aka Structured Data) is an advanced SEO strategy. When you optimize your website with Schema Markup, you are translating it into the language of search engines called, so it can be better understood.  Proper Schema Markup can make your brand and content eligible for rich results.  Google offers more than 32 different rich results you can achieve, and Schema App enables them all.

Schema App offers Schema Markup solutions to help brands drive quality search traffic to your WordPress sites. Our solutions scale to serve any size business and our customer success team helps you measure the ROI. Schema Markup is complicated, but with Schema App we make it fun.

 Schema App Solutions for All Sizes of WordPress Sites

Get Schema Markup automatically added to your WordPress Page

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Schema App automatically creates default Schema Markup for article pages, blog posts, search pages, author pages, and collection pages. Maximize your Schema Markup by leveraging WordPress’s out-of-the-box capabilities with Schema App’s solutions.

Get Access to the Schema App Platform and our High Touch Support Services

End-to-end Schema App Solution

Simply integrate your WordPress site with our Schema App platform using the plugin and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will support you with strategy, troubleshooting, and reporting so your SEO team can focus on other key activities.

Every brand is unique, and every website is unique. We’ve put together a helpful chart for you to match with the Schema App solution that is best suited for your WordPress site.

Schema App’s Free WordPress Plugin
End-to-end Schema App Solution


Automatic markup

We do the Schema Markup for you

Collection Pages

Automatic markup

We do the Schema Markup for you


We do the Schema Markup for you


We do the Schema Markup for you

All other web pages

Example: homepage, contact page, and more

A Schema Markup expert will deploy and dynamically update markup for you

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High-Touch Support

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