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We often see SEO teams struggle to manage their Schema Markup strategy due to the lack of expertise, resources, or the tools needed for scale.

Mastering Schema Markup takes time and requires technical knowledge that most SEO teams lack the capacity to acquire and implement. As a result, they are unable to see results from this technical SEO strategy.

At Schema App, we don’t just provide the platform for you to generate and deploy your Schema Markup. We also provide high-touch support services to support you from strategy to results.

What does our high-touch support service entail? 

Our high-touch support services are offered through our end-to-end Schema Markup solution for enterprise SEO teams.

In the beginning stages of our partnership, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to your account during the onboarding session. This person is the point of contact throughout the engagement for all things related to authoring markup, deployment and troubleshooting, measuring results, and continued strategy on how to develop the semantic value that structured data provides to your website.

Your CSM will guide you through the Schema App process outlined below and you should know that this is a cyclical and ongoing process.

Schema App Process – strategy, authoring, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and reporting

As things change with Google or your website’s content, this process is repeated throughout your engagement to ensure you continue to see value in your Schema Markup strategy and stay prepared for the future of search.

Every enterprise customer is allotted a minimum of one hour of high-touch support per month. After your initial strategy and scope implementation, your CSM will utilize your high-touch support hours to provide ongoing Schema Markup-related support.

Initial strategy and scope implementation

1. Creating your Schema Markup Strategy

One of the first things your Customer Success Manager will do is create your Schema Markup strategy.

Identifying desired outcomes

During the discovery process, we work to identify each individual enterprise customer’s desired outcomes in working with Schema App. This might include:

  • Increased traffic to specific lines of businesses,
  • increased organic click-through rate (CTR) year over year,
  • rich result targeting,
  • reduced dependency on IT teams to deploy structured data or
  • the development of a knowledge graph through semantic schema markup.

By clearly stating these desired outcomes, your Customer Success Manager can align the strategy with your goals.

Scoping website for appropriate types and properties

Additionally, your Customer Success Manager will assess your domain to identify common pages and the most applicable schema Type to apply to each page. By starting with this scoping process, we create an overview of how we’re establishing your Marketing Knowledge Graph by connecting your Organization to your various locations, products, and services.

From there, we dig into your various page sets to identify how your content aligns with the many schema properties applicable to the targeted schema Type. Our guiding star is establishing thorough, healthy markup that is dynamic with your content and scales across the pageset.

2. Authoring your markup using our tools

Once your CSM identifies how to target customer pages with the most appropriate schema Type in the ‘Strategy’ stage of the Schema App process, it is time to move onto the ‘Authoring’ stage.

As part of your initial implementation scope, your CSM will also help you author your markup using our Schema App Editor and Schema App Highlighter.

At Schema App, we provide all our CSMs intensive training to ensure they become experts in the vocabulary and our tools. Equipped with the expertise, your CSM can help you quickly author thorough semantic markup, and find applicable external entities to include. Your team will not have to worry about having to master the vocabulary or learn how to use the Schema App Editor and Highlighter in detail. Your CSM will take care of that.

Given the capabilities of our team and our tools, we can typically create accurate JSON-LD to deploy to your page within minutes.

3. Deployment

Once authored, Schema App deploys markup to your website through a variety of integrations – with the most common deployment method being through a simple JavaScript tag. Generally, once markup is authored, you’ll see your Schema Markup live on the page within approximately 15 minutes.

If any challenges arise during the deployment process, your CSM will troubleshoot with our internal team and perform corrections where needed. If necessary, your CSM will also provide actionable advice on any setting changes required from your team to resolve these challenges as soon as possible.

Shortly after deploying the agreed-upon scope, we provide initial reporting with a ‘First Wins’ presentation, to reflect on our early successes.

Ongoing Maintenance

Schema Markup is not a one-and-done strategy. It takes effort to maintain your markup through the evolving search landscape. SEO teams often lack the capacity to stay on top of Google’s changes and keep their markup up to date. Therefore with Schema App’s High Touch Support services, your CSM becomes an extension of your SEO team.

As mentioned earlier, your CSM will utilize your high-touch support hours for ongoing Schema Markup-related support after the initial strategy and scope implementation, and there are many ways you can utilize this time.

1. Regular sync ups

You can utilize your high-touch support hours for regular sync-up calls with your CSM to maintain constant communication.

In addition to Google making constant changes to its algorithms and overall search experience, it’s also common for your website content to change after the initial implementation. During these sync-up calls, you can:

  • Discuss changes made to your Schema Markup,
  • Share upcoming plans for your website content,
  • Receive coaching on ways to improve your content to meet your rich result requirements,
  • Troubleshoot any errors you’ve identified,
  • And request other Schema Markup-related support.

Your CSM will also share content recommendations, propose changes to your strategy and update you and your team on any latest documentation changes from Google during the call.

2. Optimize your Schema Markup

As part of your high-touch support hours, your CSM will also perform the work required to manage your Schema Markup. Depending on your organization’s needs, your CSM will:

  • Proactively monitor how your markup is deploying and performing,
  • Identify any challenges with rich result targeting,
  • Provide content recommendations to your SEO and content team,
  • Manage your knowledge graph,
  • Add additional Schema properties or linked entities to your new or updated content, and
  • Set up experiments and A/B tests to help you maximize your rich result performance.

Additionally, you can also use your high-touch support hours to get your CSM to perform a competitive analysis. Your CSM will dive into your competitors’ sites and provide you with a detailed report on the state of your competitor’s Schema Markup and suggestions on how you can stay ahead.

By performing these tasks, your CSM can ensure your markup continues to be accurate, error-free and contributing to your desired outcomes. Read our How to Manage Your Schema Markup article for more details on how our CSMs manage your Schema Markup.

3. Perform Quarterly Business Reporting

Every quarter, we also provide a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) presentation to identify trends we’re seeing through the previous quarter, how our customers are standing out in search, and what we believe to be action items for the upcoming quarter. These QBRs are an amazing opportunity to include additional stakeholders to see the value we’re delivering to our customers.

With access to industry data, we can offer insight as to where you stand in comparison to the competition and help you anticipate the effects of Google changes.

Stay Agile with Schema App’s High Touch Support Service

Our high-touch support provides invaluable benefits to SEO teams aiming to maintain agility amidst ongoing changes in the search landscape. Given this volatility, it’s crucial for your organization to proactively manage your Schema Markup to stay ahead.

We offer reporting alongside industry trends to ensure you’re prepared for the future of search, all while establishing your Marketing Knowledge Graph.

With our high-touch support service, you get:

  • Access to a structured data expert who will supplement your existing SEO team and reduce your dependency on internal IT teams,
  • Timely insight into industry trends to prepare your team for the future of search,
  • Access to Schema App tools with demonstrated agility and scalability,
  • Timely monitoring and reporting, with actionable recommendations,
  • Cost savings to alleviate internal tasks like authoring, deploying, and maintaining markup, in addition to staying current on Google documentation updates.

If you are interested in learning more about our high-touch support services or our end-to-end Schema App solution, we’d love to hear from you.

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Kevin Veilleux is a Customer Success Manager at Schema App. Schema App is an end-to-end Schema Markup solution that helps enterprise SEO teams create, deploy and manage Schema Markup to stand out in search.