About Schema Markup

How Do I Know If My Schema Markup Is Working?

We’re often asked how to check the accuracy of your schema markup once it has been implemented. The answer actually depends on whether you want to assess the validity of…
About Schema Markup

10 Benefits of Structured Data for Today and Tomorrow

Thinking about implementing Structured Data? Great idea! Since 2014, Google’s documentation recommends you add structured data to increase findability and to stand out in search! So just how important is…
About Schema Markup

Microdata Filter Questions and Answers

Have questions about microdata vs json-ld? Wondering how to create connected and semantically correct Schema Markup without conflicts? Look no further. This Microdata Filter Questions and Answers page aims to…
About Schema Markup

How Does Google Reward You for Using JSON-LD?

Schema markup is most easily represented in JSON-LD format. In fact, it is the format which Google recommends using when adding schema.org markup to your website. Additionally, many of Google’s…
Schema App Tutorial

Schema.org Markup for SquareSpace Sites

Schema App allows you to automatically deploy your code directly into the SquareSpace script area! Currently, the default SquareSpace markup editor is very limited. With Schema App, you can add…
Schema App Tutorial

Schema App Tutorial: Structured Data Analyzer

This Tutorial shows you the SchemaApp Structured Data Analyzer Use the crawler to discover JSON-LD and micro-data on a website. You can use the data you have crawled for competitive research, to…
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