Structured Data Analyzer

Use the Structured Data Analyzer Tool

The Structured Data Analyzer was designed to help identify sales opportunities, and provide actionable data for proactive maintenance on structured data markup. Modeled after the Google Search Console, with the Structured Data Analyzer you can crawl an entire domain to see structured data present. It discovers both JSON-LD and Microdata, even if it is being loaded asynchronously in a tag and tells you if there are errors or warnings for Google required and recommended properties.

Crawls an entire domain to identify all microdata and JSON-LD

Lists All Schema Markup Classes

Use Cases for Structured Data Analyzer

Sales Diagnostic

What is the opportunity for schema markup sales across your portfolio? Run the Structured Data Analyzer across domains to identify the sales opportunity for schema markup services. See who is not doing markup and who has errors to make your pitch easy.

Health Checks

Want to proactively identify errors? The Structured Data Analyzer not only discovers the markup on a page, it also checks for errors against recommendations and Google required and recommended features.

Competitive Analysis

Do you want to know how your competitors are using Use the Structured Data Analyzer to find out! Run the analyzer, and learn what the competition has done for structured data so you can compete better in search.

How to Use the Data provided by the Structured Data Analyzer

When you run the analyzer on a site, it looks for all the “things” that have been optimized on the page with JSON-LD or Microdata.  When it has finished the crawl it will identify the following data points and how you might use the data.  The time to complete a crawl depends on the size of the website (minutes to several hours).

  • Pages Visited: Total number of pages crawled.
  • Pages with Schema Markup: Total number of pages with schema markup on it. Does not have to be unique schema markup.
  • Start and End Time: The date and time of the crawl.
  • Coverage: The percent of total pages with schema markup.
  • Errors and warnings:  List of the data items on the site listing the errors, warnings for that schema type.

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