Enterprise Scale Schema Markup

Scaling your Schema Markup made Easy!

Schema App is on a mission to translate the world’s content to be understood by search engines so that brands can stand out across digital/machine channels, including search engines, personal assistants, chatbots and mobile/voice search.  With Schema App’s Enterprise Solutions, digital marketing agencies are able to centrally manage schema markup at scale across any web platform while providing schema enabled business intelligence reporting.  Schema App helps companies stay at the forefront of search while delivering awesome results and customer experience plus more coffee breaks.

Accurate and Robust

Schema App can create JSON-LD from any data source with zero errors. It supports the entire schema.org vocabulary and can do complex markup, such as products with multiple models and add-ons.

Deliver Speedy Results

Schema App removes the dependency on IT to get results faster. Choose from one of Schema App’s integrations, then your team can create and manage everything in Schema App.

Lead in Search

We monitor the health of your schema markup so you are always up to date. We can also power new applications like Chatbots, or Voice Search. We know when things change and pass on that knowledge to our customers.

Page Analytics Increase

Wow CMOs

You can provide powerful data when Schema Markup is combined with Analytics. The world’s only automated schema markup solution for reporting in Analytics is called Semantic Analytics.

Ready To Scale

Enterprise Subscription

The Schema App Enterprise Subscription is built for digital marketing teams who want to schema markup at scale, with speed and agility.

Schema App Highlighter

Start doing Schema Markup at Scale in minutes with the Schema App Highlighter.  Just create your schema markup strategy, set it up in Schema App in minutes, and deploy it through a Tag Manager. Use the entire schema markup vocabulary for 100s of 1000s of pages, without IT!

Business Intelligence

Leverage Schema Markup to enhance your analytics so you can ask your data questions with semantic analytics. Why? Would you like to know what author drives the most organic traffic in your blog, or what product features impacts conversion? Schema Markup in Analytics can give you these insights.

High-Touch Support

The fact is, schema markup is complicated. For this reason, we assign you a customer success manager that dedicates time to you and your schema markup success. 

Read about how two companies have benefited from using Schema App in our Case Studies.

Need a boost getting started?

Schema Markup Strategy

Let us guide you on what Schema Markup to use.

The Schema App team is happy to partner with you to develop the schema markup strategy for your site, or specific page types. Many companies leverage this offering to help them get started faster, and learn schema.org through the site optimization process.  For each strategy we document what schema markup to add to the page, what content to consider adding to get even better results, and implementation of the strategy with the Highlighter.


Enterprise Pricing is for page number ranges, with unlimited domains.

The following scenarios can result in additional fees:

  • Setup of custom data feeds (one time)
  • Custom caching
  • In person training/visits

Need to do Schema Markup at Scale?