Schema App Tools

Schema App is a suite of tools that allows digital marketers to create and manage Schema markup without requiring them to be an expert in the language or writing code.

Save Time

Your time is valuable! Optimize your website 10x faster and more accurately than doing it manually. Let Schema App create, deploy and monitor the health of your structured data.

Stay on Top of Google's Requirements

Schema App will automatically prompt you for new required fields when Google changes their guidelines so you can keep your websites on the leading edge of SEO.

Gain New Business Intelligence

Create custom reports with Schema App that report on how traffic relates to the business information on a website. Understand your visitor behavior in more depth and make business decisions.

How Does it Work?

Setup Automatic Deployment

Schema App ensures that your markup will be deployed automatically BEFORE you even start. You can deploy your code in 3 different ways

Discover Existing Markup

Track your progress and supplement your competitive analysis using our Structured Data Analyzer.  You can identify existing markup on your own web pages as well as your competitors.

Create New Markup

Input your information into our Structured Data Editor, and Schema App automatically translate this information into the language.

Manage & Report

Using our Structured Data Analyzer along with our Semantic Analytics tool, you can manage your markup and get key insights about your business and competitive environment.

Website Platform Agnostic

Websites are all different. Schema App Integrates with any website using our WordPress plugin. Google Tag Manager or our API. Never has it been easier to optimize across an entire website.

Easily Maintain Structured Data

Schema App provides your team a central place to manage client sub accounts for easy organization. Use Health Check to identify any errors that need correcting to get optimal results.

Use all the Vocabulary

Looking for the obscure class in We’ve got it, in fact we have ALL classes and properties.

Get Competitive Intelligence

Use our Structured Data Analyzer to determine what structured data competitors are using.

Integrate Any Website

Schema App integrates with any website platform through our WordPress plugin, Google Tag Manager, or API.

Are you ready to use the most powerful structured data toolset in the world?