What is the ROI of Schema App?

Schema App Eliminates…

  • Hours of research to understand schema.org best practices
  • Need to learn and write JSON-LD & Syntax Errors in Code
  • Dependency on client or internal IT/developer resources to code schema markup
  • Dependency on IT/developers to deploy schema markup accurately
  • Dependency on IT/developers to update schema markup monthly
  • Hours of research staying on top of Google’s recommendations
  • Delays in delivering results

Visibility & Top-Line Revenue: Reported by our Customers Q2 2018


Click-through rate
Position – Google rank

*Averages exclude outliers

% Change (range)

5.08%   –   733.49%
5.77%   –   594.49%
2.86%   –     48.59%
8.00%   –     10.60%

Average % change*


How much time does Schema App save?

Schema Markup Process Without Schema App With Schema App Enabling Schema App Tools
Learn Schema.org 40+ hours 4 hours Schema.org Advanced Bootcamp
Learn to write JSON-LD 40+ hours 0 hours Automated
Schema Markup Strategy & Mapping to Properties 3hrs per page 45 min planning
10 min mapping
Schema App Highlighter
Write JSON-LD 1-2 hrs per page 0 hours Automated
Test & Iterate on JSON-LD 3 minutes 0 hours No Syntax Errors. Schema App Editor to Add or Change Data.
Install JSON-LD on Website 1-2 hrs per page 30 min per domain Set up Deployment once for all pages
Test JSON-LD 30 min per page 30 min per domain Test Deployment Once.
Update JSON-LD 1-2 hrs per page 5 min per page Schema App Editor
Total Time 80 hours training
7+ hours per page
4 hours training
1 hour deployment
1 hour/page type

Scale Up for Even More Benefits

The benefits of Schema App grow exponentially when applied across a large website, or multiple websites. Digital marketers can do a task once, and apply it across 100s or 1000s of pages, all from one central location. Current challenges of maintenance, scale, and showing value are eliminated through automated maintenance rules, tools that scale to millions of pages and enhanced analytics reporting.


Eliminate Wasted Resources

Schema App automates the schema markup process so schema markup optimization can be done in an efficient, repeatable, scalable way. We strive to eliminate tasks that cause delays, or depend on development resources, enabling the digital marketer to execute with speed, agility while delivering top quality schema markup.


Value beyond SEO

Schema App is focused 7 days a week, 365 days a year on Schema Markup. As a result, we are world’s experts in opportunities leveraging schema markup beyond SEO. Today we offer capabilities around enhanced reporting, and are currently working on enhancing chatbots.

Schema App can help to reduce Maintenance Costs

Schema App helps to automate schema creation and maintenance and this is a big deal because research shows that maintenance of software typically contributes to 75% of cost of ownership.

Software maintenance costs include:

  • Corrective maintenance – costs due to modifying software to correct issues discovered after initial deployment (generally 20% of software maintenance costs)
  • Adaptive maintenance – costs due to modifying a software solution to allow it to remain effective in a changing business environment (25% of software maintenance costs)
  • Perfective maintenance – costs due to improving or enhancing a software solution to improve overall performance (generally 5% of software maintenance costs)
  • Enhancements – costs due to continuing innovations (generally 50% or more of software maintenance costs)

Free Generators vs Schema App

You may be thinking, “I can just use a free JSON-LD generator to do Schema Markup!” Here are 3 reasons why you want to use Schema App instead.

  • Save time and stay fiercely up to date with the ability to maintain your markup with Schema App. As of Oct 2017, 44 updates to Google features and Schema.org have been made since January 2017.  Schema App proactively updates you when updates are required, can make automated fixes, and allows you to make updates in minutes vs hours.
  • Generators are great to meet the basic Google features but are missing the ability to define a brand’s assets with definitions from Wikipedia/Wikidata, and by linking entities within your brand to one another. Schema App allows you to build a brand’s knowledge graph with explicit definitions to Wikipedia/Wikidata and across the brand. This is important since the use cases for Schema Markup are accelerating beyond search engines to include personal assistants, voice search, chatbots and more.  Learn more about managing your brand for the machine channel.
  • Generators don’t allow you to re-use the schema markup for benefits beyond SEO. For example, Schema App allows for Semantic Analytics, visible knowledge graphs, and chatbot enhancement. Check out the Benefits Beyond SEO.

Value beyond SEO

Business Intelligence

Today we offer integrations with Google Analytics, to leverage schema markup to add context to your analytics. Resulting in the ability to report on data trends tied to specific product features, blog authors, topics, etc. This is called Semantic Analytics.

Smarter Chatbots

Chatbots are a hot topic today amongst CMOs. Chatbots require knowledge of the information on the site, including potential actions, to add value to their users. Schema App can share the knowledge created in Schema Markup with Chatbot platforms to enhance their intelligence and provide more value to their interactions.   Blog: How schema markup can make chatbots more intelligent.

Find out more about the ROI for your company!