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New GSC Error Reporting Featured Image

New Error Reporting in Google Search Console

On October 6th, Google announced new error reporting for Rich Result status reports in Google Search Console. This change was intended to help SEOs with resolving rich result errors: The…
Entity-Based Search For Advanced SEO

Entity-Based SEO for Advanced Search

The popularity of entity-based SEO demonstrates how websites are moving beyond the standard search box, and are starting to think outside the box. A well-structured website unlocks opportunities in search…
Knowledge Graph Semantics 101

Knowledge Graph Semantics 101

  A Knowledge Graph is Structured A Knowledge Graph is Connected A Knowledge Graph is Collaborative   The goal in any form of marketing is one of communication: you want…
Connected Schema Markup and Knowledge Graphs

Connected Schema Markup and Knowledge Graphs

I had the privilege to speak at BrightonSEO on September 13th, 2019 about Connected Schema Markup and Knowledge Graphs. You can watch the presentation below or read about how schema…
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