Structured Data Trailblazers

Thursday, March 10th, 2022, 2 pm EST

Want to know what it takes to be a Structured Data Trailblazer?

Join us as we celebrate structured data trailblazers. In this Schema App webinar, we showcase how our panel of customers overcame relatable structured data challenges and highlight women who have driven extraordinary SEO success with structured data.

Key Objectives:

  • How our Structured Data Trailblazers got into SEO?
  • Why is Structured Data important to your SEO Strategy?
  • Structured Data challenges and how to overcome them!

Hosted by:

Ana Petkovic

Ana Petkovic
Manager of Customer Success
Schema App


Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones
SEO Specialist
Sharp Healthcare

Havalah Keen

Havalah Gholdston
SEO Senior Manager
KEEN Footwear

Sara Kieffer-Hess

Sara Kieffer-Hess
Senior Lead Technologist
& SEO Strategist
Booz Allen Hamilton

Our Recording 


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